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Burgers and Merkt's cheese?

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What are some places with good hamburgers available with Merkt's cheese? My son is coming in from DC and swears that's what he wants!

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  1. Poochies on Dempster in Skokie has a fine char cheddar burger with lots of Merkts.

    1. Paradise Pup has great burgers, made with Merkt's. They are located on River Road in Des Plaines, less than 5 minutes north of Higgins and just south of Oakton. I think that they are only open for lunch though, or at least no later than 5pm.

      1. Actually, Paradise Pup is very close to O'Hare, so if that is where your son will be arriving, The Pup is your place to go. Long lines at lunch though, especially since they were chosen as having one of the best burgers in the Chicago area by the Chicago Tribune a while back. Good shakes and 3-way fries too (cheese, bacon & sour cream).

        1. The Wiener and Still Champion on Dempster in Evanston makes a good 1/3 lb cheddar burger with Merkt's. Even do a 2/3 lb or a 1 lb if he is really hungry.

          1. Weiner Circle, on Clark Street and approximately, Wrightwood Ave in Lincoln Park serves burgers in this style. It's kind of an institution here in Chicago. Also, I've never been, but I've heard that Muskie's on Lincoln Avenue (between Diversey and Wellington) in Lakeview serves Merkt's on their burgers. In addition, if you're looking to go a little more upscale (by no means upscale, but a sit-down restaurant rather thant a burger stand), Schoolyard Tavern on Southport and School in Lakeview does a pretty darn good Merkt's and Bacon burger. They also have other good stuff in a fairly cute atmosphere. Hope this helps.

            1. Merkt's makes an excellent cheese. Some of recommendations in the above posts don't use Merkt's. They use Vern's Cheese from Chilton, WI. Vern's is another excellent cheese used on dogs, burgers, and fries sold throughout the Chicago area.

              1. Okay, then. Schoolyard's menu specifically says that its a Merkt's Cheddar Burger.


                1. All of the Four Corners Taverns restaurants serve Merkt's burgers: Gaslight(Lincoln Park), Brownstone(Northcenter/Lincoln Square), Schoolyard(Southport Corridor). I will vouch for them - they're tasty!!

                  If you are in the suburbs, Paradise Pup in Des Plaines is definitely the way to go. FYI-they are CLOSED on Sundays.


                  1. Oh definitely go to Paradise Pup. I used to go there as a kid. Dr. Pepper, a cheeeeezzzeeeeburger, and those thick steak fries. Fantastic junk food.