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Sep 7, 2006 11:32 PM

Pacific Seafood Buffet/Chandler

Just a couple of hundred yards north of Elliott Road, on the west edge of Az.Ave.

This is the next best thing for sushi and seafood since the now defunct Todai on Camelback. While the sushi variety is not near as extensive, it's every bit as good as I've had at ala-carte sushi venues. There's two chefs preparing it in small batches, fresh, as-needed. There's always a couple of tempura rolls, which are rare to find in a buffet setting.

There's all manner of Asian style seafood combos, plus the old tired stand-byes you find at most every Chinese buffet. Plus, prime-rib, short-ribs, spare-ribs, crab, baked fish and shrimp dishes, etc.

I've now been twice, during dinner, so I feel confident that it will not disappoint a HOUND, LOL. The last time I went, they had Peking Duck, and lightly battered frog-legs!

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  1. I wasn't too impressed with Pacific. The food except the sushi wasn't much to write home about, and almost everything had no identifying sign or an obviously wrong sign. The hard-scoop green tea ice cream for dessert was a nice touch, though.

    I vastly prefer Hong Kong Gourmet over on Chandler Blvd and 48th Street, in the same shopping center as Fogo e Brasa. All of their sushi items are prepared to order, and the items on the steam tables are surprisingly decent. As a bonus, it's one of the only buffets in town that has a full bar. I think dinner is around 16 dollars on weeknights.

    1. well, if it is not even as good as hong kong gourmet, that is not a good sign. what about crazy buffet on elliot and priest? i think they are pretty good.

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        They were ok, but with as many flies as I saw buzzing around in there, I was more than a bit skittish about trying the sushi.

        Not as good as Hong Kong Gourmet isn't a bad sign. Pacific is certainly decent.

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          I used to like Crazy Buffet but now I won't go there anymore. They are stingy with their crawfish. Last time I went there with my family, they wouldn't refill the crawfish after a couple trays. My brother went there about a year ago and was told by the manager he couldn't have anymore crawfish because he was eating too much of it. That took the "All you can eat" out of that restaurant. Well we found a better place with crawfish that has flavor and seasoning unlike Crazy buffet's cold crawfish. The place we go to a lot now is China Star on 42nd Avenue and Bell. We've been there many times and the service is excellent. The crawfish is definitely an All You Can Eat - too bad other Buffet restaurants don't practice the same thing.

        2. A co-worker has told me repeatedly to go to Hong-Kong buffet. I guess now that I'll definitely have to give it a try.

          You ARE right about the signage at Pacific, LOL. I had forgotten that.

          As to the Crazy BUffet, I've only been there for lunch a few times. I would have to say that Pacific is far better.

          1. Finally hit Hong-Kong on Monday evening. The ambiance is far more up-scale, almost like you're not even IN a 'buffet' restaurant. The bar is right next to the food, so it's a short jaunt back to your stool, LOL.

            As to seafood, they had a bit more sashimi out on the tables, and they had raw oysters. A minor step-up over Pacific in that respect. However, there's quite easily two or three TIMES the variety of hot-dish selection at Pacific, both seafood-based and 'standards' that you might expect.

            HK has over FORTY roll-sushi items to choose from. You do have to wait for it to be made, with a gigantic tip-jar in full view for you to patronize. There were no tempura rolls in that selection that I could see. I much prefer having several items ready-to-grab at Pacific, while still tipping the sushi crew for anything you have made-to-order.

            I will patronize it again, mostly for the ability to watch TV at the bar and have some chit-chat. However, my one trip was not enough to convince me to give up Pacific. With my iced-tea and tax, the ticket was a bit over $17..only $4 more than Pacific.

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              I agree HK is expensive for what you get. When HK first opened up they were less expensive and had much better food quality. I recently went in December after being gone for 5 years and the quality of food has gone down tremendously. The restaurant is no longer owned by Chinese it is currently owned by a Portuguese family. I don't think they can carry the same venue as a Chinese owned and operated restaurant. My family and most of my co-workers that have eaten there will not be going back.

            2. The original comment has been removed