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Sep 7, 2006 11:22 PM

Eastham annual vacation

Have been going up to Eastham the week before labor day for over 20 years. We dont skew too much each year anymore but our eating were-On Friday opening night we drove to Captain Parkers in west Yarmouth-Their clam chowder is incredible but the rest of the food is just good.Saturday night a crew of about25 went to Arnolds. I think it is a terrific clam shack.Sunday night a bunch of us did take out lobsters from the Eastham lobster pool. This is the way to go. The lobsters are cooked and cheaper on takeout.I nailed one at 3.75 lbs.Tuesday night my wifes birthday dinner at Pates in Chatham. I enjoy their prime rib,my wife the lamb chops. Appetizers of escargot and coquilles st jacque.Wonderful. Wednesday and Sunday Finely Jps.We love this place(it has been remodeled this year but the menu is the same)Great waitress.Thursday up to the beachcomber in wellfleet from the beach for a great group happy hour-Later to dinner at the Eastham Lobster pool. Good, not great but a wonderful waitress who took care of an adult table of 8 and a kids table of 8.Friday back to Arnolds for fried stuff. Saturday night at Winslows tavern in Wellfleet. We were a group of 15 and had our own room. Consensus was that we enjoyed it. Had 2 lunches at Captain Parkers,one at the Kream n Kone which I have always wanted to try,and land ho. Also 5 beach lunches from the box lunch. Also some take out from the Friendly Fisherman which makes great fried clams and lobster rolls. While I did enjoy Kream n Kone and that they give you the option to pick your combination choices of fried stuff (I wish Arnolds did this) the food is better at Arnolds and the Friendly Fisherman. I was sad too see that the owner of the Friendy fisherman who I say hello to each year passed away in early July.Hope others enjoy their Cape visits as much as us- Also curious what some of everyones favorite Box luch sandwiches are

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  1. Box Lunch favorite:

    Porky's Revenge - ham, onion, swiss, durkee sauce - heated. I think that's it. Couldn't stop ordering it when I lived down there. I'd look at the other offerings, but it always came back to porky's revenge. They used to have a sandwich whose name fails me - cucumber, onion, tomato, cream cheese, avocado. I loved that when I was a teenager. But that was almost 20 years ago. And they don't offer it any more.

    1. eastham..Mike Demitri passed this year from the friendly fisherman.If you wanted to pay respects his older brother owns Jimmy'Ds up the street..Cream n cone won a court battle for the name but down the street in dennisport is the Original seafood restaurant or original cream n cone..the absolute best clam shack food i've ever had..Costas is the owners first name if it matters. Hey'll be the old guy working..Lobster pool has allways had consistant food and pleasant waitstaff.Arnold's is allways good and feeds the masses.(location?)Let me say that the original cream n cone on the corner of sea st and 28 in dennisport will leave an impression...Haddock sandwich, thick slab of white meat with nice condiment area..Also, excellent coffee milkshake..Box lunch?.(the industrial),roast beef wrap with bbq sauce n onion..Problen is they nuke them and are usually cold in the middle and smokin on the outside..If your up for a nice dining out eve and don't mind wrestleing hyannis traffic The roadhouse on south st is a great bet since the Flume in mashpee has gone..

      1. Hilltowner, the sandwich (or I should say rollwhich as the Box Lunch does) sounds like the Organic Pocket but with cream cheese instead of the present day slices of swiss and provolone...the Box Lunch does let you "build your own" sandwich so you could ask for it when you go! I am a fan of the "Porky's Goes Hawaiian" which is ham, onion, swiss, durkee's and pineapple...YUM!