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Sep 7, 2006 11:20 PM

Looking for "Real" hot horseradish

So many storebought brands claim to be hot. I am looking for a very hot style of prepared horseradish. Whether it be in supermarkets or fine food stores, any recommendations would be great.

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  1. there's some canadian-made stuff i've tried from polish delis that's quite hot. i've got some left at home (unless my wife pitched the remainder). i'll check the brand name when i get home tonight. for what it's worth, you can make your own, too.

    1. Tuqueboy is right. It's not hard. Just get some fresh horseradish and grate it fine - you'll find nothing hotter in the prepared variety.

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      1. Where to find fresh horseradish root?

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          Fresh horseradish is the hottest! Larger Loblaws and Dominion normally sell them. Also, TNT sells fresh horseradish as well. I've also seen it in the produce grocers in the basement of St. Lawrence Market. It's about the diameter of a twoonie, and is really ugly looking long root.

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            You will be able to find fresh horseradish root along the Bathurst corridor (north of Eglinton) at most produce stores and grocery stores in advance of the high holidays which are in two weeks-

          2. Anton Kozliks Mustard company sells a pretty serious prepared horseradish (not just mustards). He has his main store in the St. Lawrence Market but I think some specialty stores carry it as well.

            1. YES. . OTONABEE IS RIGHT. . . TRY ST. LAWRENCE MARKET!! . . . . The mustard stand on the main floor (see above post for the name), the man there sells a mean hot horseradish. If I open the jar and take a sniff, my nostrils burn and my sinuses open up. You have to ask for the horseradish though because its not on display. . . . . he keeps it in the fridge. . . . GOOD STUFF!!!!

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                ummm, sounds very similar to the Hamilton Farmer's Market that I mentioned in the post below. I'll have to take a trip into T.O. and check it out.

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                  Oh, I need to try me some of this!!!

                  I love Kozliks as it is. I just didn't realize he made PH.