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Looking for "Real" hot horseradish

So many storebought brands claim to be hot. I am looking for a very hot style of prepared horseradish. Whether it be in supermarkets or fine food stores, any recommendations would be great.

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  1. there's some canadian-made stuff i've tried from polish delis that's quite hot. i've got some left at home (unless my wife pitched the remainder). i'll check the brand name when i get home tonight. for what it's worth, you can make your own, too.

    1. Tuqueboy is right. It's not hard. Just get some fresh horseradish and grate it fine - you'll find nothing hotter in the prepared variety.

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      1. Where to find fresh horseradish root?

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          Fresh horseradish is the hottest! Larger Loblaws and Dominion normally sell them. Also, TNT sells fresh horseradish as well. I've also seen it in the produce grocers in the basement of St. Lawrence Market. It's about the diameter of a twoonie, and is really ugly looking long root.

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            You will be able to find fresh horseradish root along the Bathurst corridor (north of Eglinton) at most produce stores and grocery stores in advance of the high holidays which are in two weeks-

          2. Anton Kozliks Mustard company sells a pretty serious prepared horseradish (not just mustards). He has his main store in the St. Lawrence Market but I think some specialty stores carry it as well.

            1. YES. . OTONABEE IS RIGHT. . . TRY ST. LAWRENCE MARKET!! . . . . The mustard stand on the main floor (see above post for the name), the man there sells a mean hot horseradish. If I open the jar and take a sniff, my nostrils burn and my sinuses open up. You have to ask for the horseradish though because its not on display. . . . . he keeps it in the fridge. . . . GOOD STUFF!!!!

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                ummm, sounds very similar to the Hamilton Farmer's Market that I mentioned in the post below. I'll have to take a trip into T.O. and check it out.

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                  Oh, I need to try me some of this!!!

                  I love Kozliks as it is. I just didn't realize he made PH.


                2. His hot mustards clear my sinuses--I can't even imagine what his horseradish must be like! Thanks for the tip. I'll pick some up.

                  1. making your own is both easy and the way to get the hottest and best tasting.
                    peel the root - cut into 1/2" cubes - put in blender - add white vinegar and blend - the consistency will change as the horseradish gets chewed up and its own juice enters the mix - so go slow and don't add too much liquid at the start - (maybe save 1/4 cup of radish in case u mistakenly add too much vinegar too quick - add sugar and non-iodized salt - and blend well and u got it. Store in a re-used pickle jar - something with a rubber seal. sugar= about 1 tbl and salt= about 1 tsp for a couple cups of radish - but u can always add a lil more at the end if u need it -

                    quick and easy - if u try to grate a big quantity of radish u will hurt urself with the aroma.

                    1. In search of Really Hot Horseradish:

                      There's a booth at the Hamilton Farmer's Market that sells the hottest horseradish that I have ever encountered in my life. So hot, that a mere 1/4 teaspoon on a piece of prime rib can really rip your head right off (ok, not literally, but you get the idea).
                      The booth is located, on the right hand side, about 1/2 way down the concrete ramp as you enter the market from street level.
                      They'll have a number of condiments on display and the regular line-up of horseradishes. Since this one is in scarce supply, you'll have to ask for it. It is from Wisconsin and costs about $12 a bottle. You may need to have them put you on a waiting list. Let me tell you, it's worth it, but, honestly, be warned, it really is the hottest stuff you will likely ever encounter.

                      1. I know its a little out of the way, but you can get it at the market in St. Jacobs. It is really hot, really vinegary, and we make the drive there a few times a year to stock up.

                        1. We just bought horseradish from St. Lawrence Market and it was very good but not the hottest IMHO.

                          Does anyone know why you have to refrigerate unopened horseradish? The jars seems to be sealed but maybe they are not...

                          Just curious...

                          1. Here's a nice extension service article about making your own fresh from the root, and storing. This is as hot as it gets. Experiment with the timing before adding vinegar (which "fixes" the heat level).

                            I make it in my kitchen, but only because there is an outside door. Memorize your escape route to the nearest fresh-air exit.


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                              That's really interesting. I made fresh horseradish at Rosh Hoshanah and it wasn't as hot as I expected. However, following the recipe I had, I added the vinegar in the processor at the time of processing it. Next time I'll try and add it later and see if it's hotter that way.

                            2. A word to the wise.

                              If you decide to make it at home and if you decide it's so good, you'd like to grow HR in your back yard. It seems that once you plant it, you can't get rid of it.


                              1. A local Oyster Bar here has the best horseradish ever, we asked and they buy the Atomic Horseradish, I just purchased a few bottles online @ www.cosmichile.com.

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                                  do thye ship to canada. and if so how much?

                                2. I have found 2 really really hot horseradishes. The 1st place was at Stage West in Mississauga. I had a small amount on my roast beef and it brought tears to my eyes. My wife was about to call 911. I could feel my blood rising in my face, started to sweat and my sinus was cleared in no time. I thought that would have been the hottest till I visited the Keg at 400 and Rutherford Rd. I ordered the Prime Rib. This stuff made Stage West feel like nothing. By far the hottest I ever had. I don't know if it the same in all the Keg's but if your looking for hot, it's worth a visit to that Keg.

                                  1. okay, one of the hottest horseradish is royal bohemian xxx which you cannot purchase anymore, i had the pleasure to try this, the very hottest as many can attest to. it has been replaced by hit and run horseradish which i have read does not stand up to its former. check out http://www.mustardmuseum.com/ and search for hit and run, otherwise search google for royal bohemian horseradish and you will see. i thought my boss was full of it when he said 4 small strands was enough for a sandwich...he was right. has anyone else tried this?
                                    avh @ gta