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Sep 7, 2006 11:19 PM

New Korean Ramen place

Anyone been to the new Korean style ramen place in Koreatown? I think it's called TEUM SAE RAMEN?? If you have could you also let me know the exact location?

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  1. It's a Korean ramen chain. It's not bad but you don't get a lot. The spicy ramen if very hot.

    Teumsae Ramen
    4003 Wilshire Blvd, Wilton
    Los Angeles 90010

    see link:

    1. wao! it's nong shim shin ramyun come to life!! i am headed out the door to try this as we speak. well, almost ^^.

      1. interesting, they won the "best ramen outside of japan" price. hehehe!

        1. From the (hysterical) website:

          "Red pepper powder and seafood's burning hot taste. While two people eat it, nobody knows even if the other dies."

          Can anyone offer a re-translation of this cryptic claim?

          And, for those of us unfamiliar with this variation on noodle soup, is this basically like Japanese ramen with a bunch of red pepper and some dduk thrown in, or are there other distinctions? What's inside those cute heart-shaped "Love Jumockbap"?

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          1. re: PayOrPlay

            "...While two people eat it, nobody knows even if the other dies."

            that's a poorly put (overly direct) translation of an old korean saying. it basically means that you won't even notice if your dining companion dies in the middle of the meal because the food will have completely caught your attention since it's so good. something like that.

            1. re: smssms

              I would interpret it this way: it's so hot, you're both gonna bite it. That's why you can't tell if the other person dies ... because you'll be dead too.

              1. re: smssms

                Perfect translation, smssms!!!

                it basically means that the food is damn good...

            2. like a dutiful rameniac, i went there last night. it's good stuff (and open way late). the waiter, who hardly speaks a word of english, asked me how spicy i wanted it. i said 'medium'. when the bill came later it said "devil's ramen" on it. pretty scorchy - basically like korean instant ramen come to life, but a bit spicier even. next time i'll probably just ask for 'a little bit spicy' and i'm guessing that should be just right. noodles have that squiggly korean thing going on, but have a nice spring and chew to them unlike the instant version. mine also came with a perfectly poached egg and rice cakes inside the broth. go try it by all means.