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Malaysian Restaurant in Chinatown?

I am looking for a casual, cheap and good Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown for dinner. Is Penang my only option?

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    1. Try Skyway at 11 Allen Street.
      There's been a lot of discussion of it on this board.
      It's very delicious.

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      1. re: bolletje

        definitely excellent, check out the threads on skyway, the best malaysian i have had

      2. New Malaysia Restaurant (on Bowery, behind Yummy Noodles)
        New Indonesia & Malaysia (18 Doyers St)They do kuehs in the day too.
        Jaya (Baxter St)
        All decent, cheap and not as far a walk as Skyway is from the Canal St subway stop

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          I'll second the rec for New Indonesia and Malysia - a.ka. "Sanur". Sure, its a whole in the wall - but good eating. They have a great Roti Canai. :-)

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            Third for Sanur - love, love their 'Assam' dishes. Get the 'over rice' version. Their bah kuh teh is great too.

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              Skyway is close to the East Broadway stop on the F train.

            2. Happy Joy, 25 Canal St., serves both Chinese and Malaysian food. Check the archives for a good review of the place.

              1. Jaya on Baxter St. - get their skate wings

                1. skyway. it's miles better than penang and nyonya.

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                    Agreed completely. And Sanur, etc., etc.

                  2. I thought Nyonya was really good. A friend who's travelled there a lot rates it as the best.

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                    1. re: LisaZee

                      I agree. I've been eating there since it opened. I tried Skyway once and didn't find it superior. However, I can't judge it based on one visit and I'm planning a return visit, possibly tonight.

                      1. re: Brian S

                        I went back to Skyway and ordered the special pork with rice. Sietsema recommended it and pork belly is one of my favorite dishes. It was dreadful. Cubes of over-the-hill pork belly coated with a bland, insipid brown sauce. I had to force myself to finish it.

                        Vatel killed himself because he believed he'd served the king a bad meal. If he'd served THIS to the king, the king would have killed HIM.

                        I think this was a fluke and I'll go back again.

                      2. re: LisaZee

                        I hadnt been to Nyonya this year and in view of everyones comments I was kind of avoiding it. But I was trapped in the crowds of San Gennaro yesterday and Nyonya offered an escape. Man, it was good.

                        I ordered fish head soup with rice noodles. The white milky soup had a clear sharp acidic flavor, clearing your head like a Tibetan prayer bell, and there were pickled veggies and slices of ginger to add contrasting notes of sour. Fried pieces of fish head completed the tonal symphony.

                      3. Does anyone here know of a Malaysian reataurant where the cooks are Malay and not Chinese? I wonder if the food would be different from the perinakan chow the Malaysian restaurants here feature. For more about Malaysian food, check out Chowhound poster Foodfirst's blog.


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                        1. re: Brian S

                          Try new Indonesia and Malaysia on doyer?

                          1. re: csw

                            You might be right! The Indonesian restaurants in Queens are staffed by Indonesians (Minangkabau mostly) who are not Chinese.

                        2. Malaysia Restaurant (is known as Sanur too?) in the arcade (Elizabeth & Bowery)