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Sep 7, 2006 10:48 PM

Malaysian Restaurant in Chinatown?

I am looking for a casual, cheap and good Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown for dinner. Is Penang my only option?

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    1. Try Skyway at 11 Allen Street.
      There's been a lot of discussion of it on this board.
      It's very delicious.

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      1. re: bolletje

        definitely excellent, check out the threads on skyway, the best malaysian i have had

      2. New Malaysia Restaurant (on Bowery, behind Yummy Noodles)
        New Indonesia & Malaysia (18 Doyers St)They do kuehs in the day too.
        Jaya (Baxter St)
        All decent, cheap and not as far a walk as Skyway is from the Canal St subway stop

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        1. re: xigua

          I'll second the rec for New Indonesia and Malysia - a.ka. "Sanur". Sure, its a whole in the wall - but good eating. They have a great Roti Canai. :-)

          1. re: xigua

            Third for Sanur - love, love their 'Assam' dishes. Get the 'over rice' version. Their bah kuh teh is great too.

            1. re: xigua

              Skyway is close to the East Broadway stop on the F train.

            2. Happy Joy, 25 Canal St., serves both Chinese and Malaysian food. Check the archives for a good review of the place.

              1. Jaya on Baxter St. - get their skate wings