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Favorite places to eat in williamsburg

Need place other than diner and Dumont. I don't know where elso to go.

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  1. Sweetwater maybe? Is there another new chef?
    Matamoros Puebla taco counter in the back of the grocery store.

    1. try zipi zape for nice tapas, metropolitan & berry

      1. enid's, diner and egg for brunch!

        1. I just went to Baci & Abracci (newish Italian place on Grand) for the first time and I loved it. Had the grilled seafood appetizer and it was amazing...I still think about the octopus in it. My entree (the skate special i believe) was great too, as was and my bf's (the tilapia). Wine was reasonably priced and tasty, and the owners did a really good job with the look of the place. Modern but cozy. I'll definitely be back.

          Other than that, I realize I may be in the minority, but I still find Relish consistently good, but eating there becomes 10 times better if you can get a booth.

          Also like Miyako. Really good Kimchee jun (pancakes).

          1. W'burg faves:

            One more time, let's hear it for Union Picnic: I'm [still] extremely fond of their blueberry cobbler and avocado reuben (and killer fried okra)... I'm veggie, but once had a housemate who *survived* on their thanksgiving sand.

            Others: Pressed sandwiches post-drinks at Pete's Candy Store. Pies at Brick Oven Gallery. Slices at Drigg's Trattoria. Slices at S. Cono's. Enid's Weekend Brunch. Americano at Oslo; cappuccino at Gimmee. Seaweed salad and chocolate cake at Supercore. Chocolate-caramel tart at Marloe & Sons. French fries and anything at Diner. Avocado toasts at St. Helen's. Fresh-baked scones at The Read. Morir soƱandos at Reben Luncheonette. Cheap, CHEAP, huge egg sandwiches at La Villita. Mindblowing fresh mozzarella at Tedone Dairy.

            And since she's still there, please, don't go away Matamoros! We love you!

            1. 1. Snacky: Cheap & tasty chinese/korean "tapas", accompanied by sake. Love this friendly place. Try the popsie, a $2.50 "Chinese" hamburger, which is a White Castle-sized plump little burger with a spicy mayo.
              2. Noodle Studio: looks like it was decorated by a third-grade extra-curricular arts&crafts brigade, but a cut above the other neighbourhood Thai places. Looks like it's about to shut down if people don't start eating there... Noodle soups are an obsession of mine and they have the best (and cheapest) broths in the neighbourhood.
              3. Zipi Zape seconded. Good prawns a la plancha, house-pickled garlic cloves are incredible.
              4. DOC for really fun wine list and good quality munchables.

              1. other than dumont and diner...


                ... in no particular order

                1. tortas at bonita, lobster pea soup at dressler and that is pretty much it. this hood is a food wasteland.

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                    That's really unfair, with great places like Dokebi, Aurora (ok, inconsistent), Marlow & Sons...

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                      does that mean gentrification is now complete? Wburg is now officially equal to the UWS?? I don't think so. LUGER'S, hello!

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                        I couldn't agree more...Luger's and Dressler are the only serious restaurants....Diner, Dumont, Matamoros, Bonita and a few others are satisfying but overall this a food wasteland....Zipe Zape is an embarrassment to Spanish cuisine