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Sep 7, 2006 10:43 PM

What to order @ TEN FEET TALL?

Now obviously Ill have to get some of those sweet potato fries everyone is always talking about, but as a main entree, what is really good at Ten Feet Tall on the Danforth?? Ive read alot of reviews of this place, and alot of reccomendations here on chowhounds so I plan to check out some sunday night jazz and have a good meal this weekend. Any stand out dishes? ANything to stay away from??

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  1. Yes, those fries are delish.

    This place has a very weird pricing policy, with salads and snack foods sometimes costing more than mains.

    The chicken breast dish attributed to the chef's mother is pretty good and is a bargain. The 10 ft tall salad is also good (and not a bargain). I've heard the lamb lollies praised, but haven't tasted them personally. That's all of my experience so far. It has a good vibe, but more pub than resto.

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      thats kind of what Im looking for, casual pub food with live jazz!! woo hoo! any other suggestions guys?

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        I agree about the menu structure - very odd - at weekday lunch recently, it was choice of hamburgers or omelettes - everything else was a la carte so to get some kind of protein (appetizer such as the lamb lollies), sweet potato fries and salad would have cost more than $20.

      2. I've had the yam fries many times (the piri piri dip is delish), the calamari is good, pretty much all of the pastas, though my faves have been the Voodoo Chicken, Ravioli and "The Number One". And the Smoked "salm"wich is really nice too.

        There's really nothing I wouldn't try there. Everything is prepared with the same consistent, yummy standards. It's comfort food that you don't have to cook yourself.

        Don't forget that the jazz is only from 3:30 to 6:30 on Sundays, or after 8:30 on Wednesday nights.

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          right, Ill have to get there pretty early then. Thanks for the recomendations, that voodoo chicken sounds great!

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          1. Mmm.. so, I went tonight at around 5ish so I could listen to a bit of jazz before they were over at 6:30. WHAT A GEM OF A PLACE! Let me tell you, I live on the danforth and would have never noticed this place if it wasnt for all the talk about it on this board, THANKS GUYS!! To start, we had a really nice hummus plate served with pita , tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives for 8$. Mmm.. it was a nice hummus, not the best Ive had as Ive had alot of hummus, but it had a nice spiciness to it. We also had to have those wonderful yam fries and my god, they were AMAZING. We chose the pineapple curry dip which was delicious, i was tempted to beg them for a recipe and the huge plate was only 6$, I could probably live off them. As a main, they mentioned they were very accomodating with modifying entrees, so I kinda compiled two pasta entrees to make my own version. It was a mix of the voodoo chicken and the number 1 pasta .. it ended up being jerk chicken, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, green onions, bowtie pasta in a really spicy tomato sauce for 14$. SO GOOD. One member of my party had the voodoo chicken, which he loved, another had the beef bourguignon which I tried and it was really delicious, and another had a personalized pizza (which I also tried and it was quite delicious and fresh ). Prices were extremely reasonable, with 3 pops and 1 beer, appetisers and 4 entrees, it only came to 87$. My only complaint was although the jazz was great, i found it a bit too loud. I had to yell my order to the waitor, not fun, and i couldnt talk to my guests at all.. but all in all, a GREAT find!! Thanks for the advice guys!

            1. Glad you enjoyed it. I walked by around noon on Sunday and the place was packed, which was nice to see. I've only been for brunch once or twice, and it's never been that busy, but I guess the jazz has peaked enough interest that people are actually going in for the food. Now I'm craving yam fries!

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                Yes, Im glad I made a reservation, because even at 5pm (a very early time for dinner), the place was packed (although most people were just drinking). The place never seemed to 'cool down' , and when a table ever freed up, it was pretty immediately seated. I feel its the type of place I am going to want to go very often.