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Sep 7, 2006 10:41 PM

Help quick! Need restaurant around (not in) The Grove that is ok for babies.....

Any ideas outside of the Grove? Boss needs a place for 4 adults, 2 babies tomorrow night....tired of Grove, he says....

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  1. Doughboys is nice and casual. :)


    1. Ack, Friday night with babies! Racking my brain... maybe Fiddler's Bistro if casual is ok. He could do a chain like Grand Lux or Callendars...Pane e Vino if it was very early. Kate Mantilini.

      1. I always go to Mishima on 3rd Street @ La Cienega-great Japanese sushi and noodle house-really great food for a great price and they are very child friendly and child menu options available. Great Sake list to boot!!!

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          Oh, yeah, that's on my regular list too but I forgot. Always lots of kids there. Doughboys, on the other hand, could be crowded or have spotty service or they might put you right on the street...