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Sep 7, 2006 10:40 PM

Thai for ten

where would be a good (and reasonably priced) thai place to have a casual birthday get together? Is Young Thailand still good? The place should be TTC accessible.

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  1. The food at Thai Basil on Bloor, west of Spadina, is fantastic. It's very fresh and they'll make it really spicy if you ask. Their green chicken curry is the best I've ever had!

    1. i love salad king downtown on gould st.

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      1. re: indianchik

        yeah but it's a bit loud and chaotic for a birthday dinner, imo.

        1. re: capiscum

          but not in the dining room upstairs- that's lovely- great for a birthday dinner.

      2. There's a place at 863 St Clair Ave West called Vanipha Lana, (west of Bathurst, south side). It is AMAZING! I've been there at least five times and I keep going back. It's a very ellegant room, but not expensive. Very friendly servers. If you book in advance, I think you can arrange to sit in a special section where you are at table level on the floor. The menu is actually Thai/Laotian. Vanipha Southalack, the chef/owner, was one of the first people cooking Thai in Toronto in the 1980s (at the Rivoli).

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          Second Vanipha Lana...nicest thai meal I've had in TO....

        2. I was with a large group (about 20 people) this summer at Real Thailand (College and Spadina), and was very impressed with the food and service. The prices are quite reasonable to boot. I'd say give them a try.