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Sep 7, 2006 10:01 PM

If you can cook, you can ferment!

I see very little about homewinemaking here, and thus far, none about fruit or mead. It's sad because, making your own, is fun, and you can make it out of pretty much anything that has sugar/starch.
S/O and I make between 30-100 gallons per year. This year, we are building a small winery out back becasue the house is not big enough.
It's messy sometimes, but some of the stuff we've made is really good -- even have some blue ribbons and a best of show for a Nectarine wine. Hey, how many people can serve qail marinated in pineapple wine, and serve their own pineapple wine with it! Or pear and cranberry wine with turkey at Thanksgiving?
Right now, I've got 12 gallons of watermellon bubbling away, and it smells incredible.
Oh, yes, I do have an extensive collection of "Grape" wines too -- even made some pretty good Cab a few years back.
Guess I enjoy making a good homemade wine to go with a good homemade Beef Wellington, 'cept the wine takes longer!

Slanje eveyone! (Gaelic toast)

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  1. All I can say is, I admire you. In my view, fermenting is an art form, similar to painting. I certainly enjoy the view of a great painting as much as I enjoy a profound wine. Fermenters are passionate about what they do. I can feel that whenever I meet any one of them. I can enjoy the product of their labors. But I just can't ferment, for the same reason that I'd never even consider standing in front of a canvas armed with brushes and oils, it's just outside the scope of my abilities.