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Sep 7, 2006 09:57 PM

Takeshi Ramen in Glendale

Went there for lunch today and actually have been there before. I may not be a noodle or ramen expert, but this has to be close to the best ramen that I've had. Granted, I haven't had ramen at too many places besides at home (hundreds of different types of instant ramen) but this place is much better than the one I've been to over on Sawtelle on the Westside. I ordered a lunch special for $6.75 which comes with your choice of I think 3 different ramens or 2 other main dishes, and one of the following appetizers: gyoza, chicken wings, sesame chicken or california rolls (3 pieces). After debating with myself over the sesame chicken or the california rolls (wondering if the california would be any good in a ramen house) I decided to give the california rolls a try. So my order was a shoyu ramen (chashu pork, egg & vegetables in a soy sauce soup) and the california rolls. The california rolls were surprisingly good and more than 3 pieces would have been too much for me. It was fresh, the rice was not stale, and flavorful. Usually california rolls that come with a lunch special have been made earlier in the day and sitting around a while before it gets to your mouth. The shoyu ramen was very good. The soup base was not too salty and the noodles were a perfect texture (not chewy or crunchy, but in between). The pork (2 slices) was cooked to a soft perfection with LOTS of flavor. Best pork I've had in a ramen. The only con is that there wasn't enough noodles or vegetables. It may be because it's part of a lunch special, but there was enough food for me. I did have to order extra bean sprouts for $.50 but, I would have done that even if there was enough vegetables and noodles.

Give this place a try, they are fairly new (about 1.5 years) and they are in a location that used to be a ramen house for 15 years prior. They are right across the street from California Pizza Kitchen and Olive Garden on Brand, just north of Broadway.

They have a pretty large menu with lots of variety... meaning I'll have to go back at least 20 times to try everything once, but I don't think I'll order anything but the shoyu ramen for a while.

Takeshi Ramen
126 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203

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  1. Have been there a couple times and couldn't agree with you more. Great service and EXTREMELY succelent pork. So damn good....

    1. I've been there a few times and didn't think Takeshi Ramen was nearly as yummy as the places on Sawtelle or Daikokuya, and admit the lack of adequate noodles and vegetables was a con, but given your two raves, I'll consider going again for another taste test because it's a short hop and a skip.

      1. I went there last week and tried it out. I didn't think it was so good and was disappointed. They didn't even have the California roll anymore as a choice. The best ramen I've had so far is at a ramen shop in the Mitsuwa market in Torrance. Try the salty ramen with pork. Awesome.

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          Yes, Santouka....also in the Mitsuwa market in WLA. Best shio ramen in LA. Btw, they are having a special Kimchi Ramen....very delicious!!!

        2. A decent place, but not one that I go to regularly. Just ok.

          1. I'm from Gardena, and have been to Japan a couple of times.

            I don't consider myself a ramen expert.

            I love this place. I was there last week for dinner with my girl, and enjoyed it very much.
            True, there could have been more veggies, but I had the house special. The broth was nice, and lots of fish & pork. My girl ordered the green tea soba, which was great.

            My small Sapporro was a mere $3.50. Service was great...which went a long way.

            I still think Umemura in Gardena is the best in the LA area without a doubt..

            I think this place is good if you don't want to wait in line, and have a nice inexpensive meal.