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Sep 7, 2006 09:35 PM

Survived Carmine's lunch

Last week I posted about having to go to Carmine's for lunch before the matinee of Drowsy Chaperone. We were a group of 42 old ladies on the bus from Baltimore. Reservations divided us into smaller groups which was good. I was at a table of 10. We ordered 1 appetizer, one salad, three entrees and 3 desserts for all of us. Most liked their meal. I though the fried zuchinni and chicken parm tasted like they were fried in old oil. Just had an "off" taste to me. Rigatoni with broccoli was ok. Tons of garlic in everything. Tiramsu was nothing to write home about although large. I do not like the idea of sharing the food, since you have to compromise and may not get what you want. Would not do this again. Only good thing was that because we shared so much, the bill was very reasonable for New York. Only 280.00 with a generous (more than 20%) tip. Service was ok, but it was not my kind of place. Nor are bus trips. Place is very noisy.

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  1. I assume the $280 was for the ten of you, not for the 42.

    I think your experence was par for the course. At least you survived to tell the tale. Thanks for reporting back.

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      Yes, the $280.00 was for our table of 10.

    2. wow. 1appetizer 3 entrees 3 dessert for 10. How big are the dishes? It reminds me of tiny tims christmas dinner

      1. I've never at the TS Carmine's, but I've never noticed anything as glaring as old oil. But yeah, it's not very good. I've always given it credit for being a little better - in concept if not execution - than Olive Garden (where I've never actually eaten), but I don't know if it deserves even that much.

        The food's ordered in "family style" platters. Between unfamiliarity with the concept and pushy servers, it's easy to order way more food than you wanted or can eat - the biggest danger of these places apart from the dead average food. The first thing that sprung to mind when I read the OP's post was that they were smart enough to avoid that!:)