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Sep 7, 2006 09:14 PM

bresaolo sandwiches? where.


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  1. Buy the bresaola at Beverly Hills Cheese Shop. Make your own.... (they have bread, and, I've heard...cheese!)

    I buy the bresaola from them every year when the persimmons arrive (a Zuni Cafe Cookbook idea...)

    1. You can get the bresaola at Monte Carlo Deli in Burbank and at Claro's Italian Deli (the biggest and best one is in San Gabriel right on the Rosemead border, across from 888 Seafood)... I'll bet either place would make you a sandwich.

      That said, bresaola is EXPENSIVE... prosciutto di Parma-type expensive.

      1. They also sell it at Bay Cities on Lincoln in SM.

        1. Tramezzino on VEntura near Coldwater Canyon has a delicious bresaola panino. I tried it about a week ago and it was fantastic.

          1. Coffee Sin, in the downtown garment district. Call to make sure it's still open - it's been a while, but I was able to find the address online. Excellent panini in an unlikely location. Inexpensive.

            1125 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA
            (213) 749-2174