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Who makes your favorite FRIED RICE?

Or is fried rice pretty much all nondescript and fungible?

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  1. I don't think it's all nondescript! I like the Chinese sausage fried rice at Ruen Pair, although it's closed at the moment.

    1. The best I've had is at Shogun, the Pasadena location. Pretty much the only thing that lingers in my memory from there.

      1. Thai fried rice with chicken at Diho Siam in Mission Viejo.

        1. The "Duck Fried Rice" at Chinois on Main - Santa Monica.

          1. I love the spicy fried rice from Chandra in Pasadena.

            1. Kwon's in Pomona. A small little whole in the wall that serves mountains of food for their inexpensive plates. The chicken, shrimp and vegetables is usually what we order. One plate can actually feed 3 grown adults, but we ALWAYS order our own plates! I think a plate is around 6 bux.

              1625 W Holt Ave Pomona, CA 91768-3341 (909) 629-6888

              1. Char-siu fried rice @ Ten Ten Seafood in Anaheim.

                1. Choza Mama in Burbank, which is actually a Peruvian restaurant (they call it chaufa and have several varieties).

                  1. I like the seafood dried rice with xo sauce from maxim cafe in rowland heights.

                    1. Pork chop fried rice at Din Tai Fung (http://www.dintaifungusa.com ). Simple, subtle, and perfectly executed.

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                        DTF Fried Rice ... too dainty ... no soul, no body.

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                            I also love their pork chop fried rice. For those that say no soul I would say "clean flavors" and elegant but still flavorfull.
                            One man's beauty is another's beast.

                          2. Peruvian Fried Rice at Nory's #3 in Lake Forest.

                            It's actually called Arroz Chaufa con Pollo.


                            1. I actually didn't care that much for Din Tai Fung's fried rice (and any non-dumpling dishes there, truth be told.)

                              Anyways, I love Saladang/Saladang Song's curry fried rice! But Yang/Fu Chow Fried Rice @ almost any HK Cafe in Monterey Park / Alhambra is yummy too.

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                                Really? One of my favorite dishes ever is the Shanghai rice cakes at DTF. I like it more than their dumplings even. Something about that combination of flavors and textures just really sends me over the edge. (Though I understand that some might not like their fried rice as much as I do.)

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                                  I'm right there with you on the Shanghai rice cakes. One of my favorite things at DTF.

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                                    I'll take -- and eat -- the Shanghai rice cakes at Mei Long Village! Aamazing. But then it is the first place I ever had 'em.

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                                    Oh I love shanghai rice cakes too -- DTF's is OK only, I'd much prefer homemade or another xiao long bao place that's in Prospect Plaza.

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                                        AquaW is probably referring to one of 3 places:

                                        Jin Jiang (or JJ), Mei Long Village, or Dragaon Mark. All at Prospect Plaza.

                                        Prospect Plaza
                                        301 West Valley Blvd.,
                                        San Gabriel

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                                          definitely not Dragoon -- JJ sounds more like it (been awhile since I went)

                                  3. Din Tai Fung in Arcadia makes a wonderfully subtle fried rice, with a bit of scrambled egg, shrimp and peas; the rice itself is sublime, just glutinous enough without being sticky; this dish is light and even after finishing one order, you are almost ready for another.....

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                                      Yum I love their fried rice.

                                    2. sunshine restaurant in north hollywood. shrimp fried rice. the version with the shrimp paste. just had it last night. excellent.

                                      1. The rest of the eatin' posse and I were fanatics for the salty-fish fried rice at Har Lam Kee, and then we discovered the much less harsh but more complex version at New Concept. I still love them both.

                                        1. Crab fried rice @ Khun Dang on Sherman Way in NoHo. I like it with a touch of sriracha!

                                          1. Pearl's Oriental Restaurant in Monterey Park. Absolutely the greasiest and the best. YUM.

                                            1. I admit a certain obsession with the mint leaf-fried rice (extra-spicy, please) at Sanamluang in Hollywood, especially at three in the morning. Excellent absorptive qualities. Possibly the only use of surimi ``crab'' I can ever remember liking.

                                              1. The Basil Pesto Fried Rice at Mako is intoxicating...

                                                1. I know it's not as gourmet as some of you would like, but I gotta go with Benihana fried rice. It never fails! I've recreated it at home a few times and it's almost as good, but not quite. Nothing tops it. NOTHING!

                                                  1. Not traditional, but I like the duck fried rice at JAR.