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French Toast with creamy filling

I went with my friend to this place called Rice in Manhattan for breakfast, and we ordered a really good french toast dish. Their french toast isn't like the regular french toast - it's much thicker, and when I bite into it there's a soft creamy filling. I have no clue what the filling is - maybe cream cheese/banana cream/some other slightly sweet soft warm stuff.
Anyways, does anyone know how to do french toast like that? I'd really like to try to make that.

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  1. Make a vanilla pastry cream. Chill it. Use a sharp knive to make a pocket on one the side of bread slice and pipe it in. Gently pat it so it is somewhat flat. Day old bread works the best.
    For the batter: whisk eggs with a pinch of salt, a little sugar, milk or cream, large pinch of optional cinnamon or nutmeg. Soak the filled slices of bread in the mixture just long enough to absorb some of the liquid. Don't let it become too soggy, otherwise, the bread will fall apart.
    Saute both sides in a little flavorless oil or butter.

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      Most places I've had stuffed french toast used a sweetened cream cheese. You can either make a pocket like PBSF mentioned or you can use two slices of bread and essentially cook the french toast like a grilled cheese.

    2. I make this whenever I am home on a weekend(I'm usually working).

      If I don't have any brioche loaves in the freezer I'll buy that texas toast loaf bread & make french toast with that. That thick cut is what I like. I'll make the basic french toast and then let it cool a bit. I'll cut through the middle side of the bread with a paring knife & then with a piping bag filled with sweetened mascarpone cheese I'll squeeze it in the middle.

      I make this caramel mascarpone that is killer with some banana french toast and some sauteed bananas & a dusting of powdered sugar. Or nix the bananas & just top it with some sauteed apples.

      1. If you live somewhere with a lot of Asian bakeries, ask if any of them have whole loaves of bread. Then you can cut slices as thick as you want. Some Asian bakeries in LA even have loaves cut in thicker slices because I guess some customers just like it like that.

        The toast at these places usually uses a lot more eggs and butter than regular white toast, making it more like challah and better for French toast.

        1. I have stuffed mine with frangipane flavored with a little rum- oh my, so good with sauteed bananas.

          1. Easy way to do this is just with plain cream cheese. Make sure you use syrup on top. You can also add some fresh strawberries. For something extravagent (don't tell your Doc) try panckaes with sour cream, syrup and strawberries on top. Haven't had it for years but can still taste it.

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              Whip a little brown sugar into the sour cream. Everyone will wonder what the delicious tan topping is on the pancakes.

            2. Thank you guys these ideas all sound so yummy!! I think I'll be doing quite some french toasts this coming weekend.
              How would I make caramel mascarpone?
              Also, would I buy or make the frangipane?

              Sorry I don't usually make sweet dishes, pardon me for all these questions.

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                When I make caramel mascarpone I usually have some homemade caramel sauce that I use. I whip the mascarpone with a little cream & then add the caramel sauce to taste.

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                  I have made my own - I love the almond cream from the Pastries from The La Brea Bakery cookbook, but I have also stuffed the toast using almond paste from the can and a blob of raspberry jam - good!

                2. Whip the mascarpone with half and half and a tablespoon of maple syrup and spoon into bread pocket and pan fry as usual. Then pour warmed raspberry jam over it. Yummy!

                  1. Many supermarkets sell loaves of "Texas Toast" bread, a thick cut white style bread. It doesn't have much flavor or texture but works well for stuffed French toast. If you don't mind a crust, you can buy a loaf of French or Italian style bread (not sour dough unless you like that taste) and slice it to the thickness that you want. A French batard cut at a slight diagonal works well.

                    1. cook two slices of french toast (i like whole wheat, but a challah or brioche would be good as well). spread some ganache, or sprinkle some chopped bittersweet chocolate on one slice. top with the second. served with drained vanilla yogurt, mascarpone, creme fraiche and some fruit (i'm partial to strawberries).

                      1. People! Has no one had French toast stuffed with Nutella? It's like dessert and breakfast all in one.

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                          love the chocolate and hazelnut combo, but find nutella too sweet.

                        2. Here is a link to a recipe that I make that you may like:


                          1. One of the best stuffed French Toasts I've had recently, was at La Duni in Dallas, TX. There's was a thick brioche, stuffed with brie (it WORKS) and fired with some bananas, pecans, and maple syrup. Here's a recipe that's closest to it.




                            1. Texas Toast, I'm having this for dinner! Yummy!

                              1. Best french toast I have ever had was from this little eatery in Largo, FL - Skinny Rooster. Anyhow, it was two pieces of french toast w/ brie melted in between and topped off with a pinot noir reduction syrup & home made vanilla whip cream. It was incredible.

                                1. I use barely sweetened ricotta as a filling, piping it into the slit in challah bread as suggested above. This week, we're topping these with juicy *sweet* strawberries (and butter, of course). This is a lovely pairing -- the sweet burst of the strawberries with the sweet cream filling. I like how delicate the ricotta tastes rather than the cream cheese, which is a little too dense for me.