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Sep 7, 2006 09:02 PM

St. Louis: Walking distance from the Arch

My son is going to St. Louis tomorrow to see the Arch, and is looking for a Chowhoundish (meaning relatively inexpensive) place to eat within walking distance. Now, that can be 10 or 15 blocks; he just doesn't want to have to get back into his car. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. If he heads down/West on Washington (north leg of the arch and three blocks west/one block north)he will find the football staduim and a fair # of good restuarants. The other hounds will be specific. Alternately West of the South leg is the new baseball stadium and a streach of green space between the old couthouse and the newer ones 12blocks west. This Keiner Plaza is usually the sight of game day rallies and vendors, frequently there is music.( Any further interest in architecture would lead him to the Wainwright Building on the North margin of the plaza, blocked by the one Gateway Mall Building; a beautiful Sullivanearly "skyscraper- also a public building, so he can go in and enjoy the atrium.)

    1. My favorite cheaper fare is The Tap Room
      2100 Locust St. they have ample parking if he'd consider getting back in the car. It'd be pushing the 15 blocks though on foot.

      10th street italian is ok. On 10th street obviously.

      those are the two cheapest things I actually care for in the city. Mosaic, Red Moon, etc might not be to pricey at lunch, but I'm not really for certain

      1. Relatively close to the arch there are lots of places to eat: one of my favorites is Anthony’s - a bar that serves lunch that will take you right back to 1971 - I've eaten there a lot and had some really good food. It's not that expensive but not dirt cheap either - 10-12 dollars per person about. Personally, I just like the room. It’s in the ground floor of the Equitable Building, a stones throw from he Arch at the corner of Walnut and Broadway. I strongly recommend for the experience if this is a business lunch. You need to be there when it opens (I think 11:30 – 11:45) since it’s a very small room with limited seating.

        I'm also really fond of the White Knight at 18th and Olive, but it can be really smoky. I like their crazy burger. It's a small diner - really a cool place in the part of downtown that has not yet seen urban renewal. It's quite a hike from the Arch though.

        Another neat diner that I sometimes visit is the Eat Rite. It’s at the corner of Choteau and 7th (I think). Very small, very edgy. This is the real diner deal. Also quite a hike from the Arch (its south of downtown)

        When I go out for lunch I often go to Thai Express, in the Chemical Building (I think - I navigate by landmarks) on Olive at I think 7th. Lots of food, very cheap - I think it's tasty, but a lot of the chowhounds would probably not like it.

        Also, it's always fun and tasty grabbing lunch at the deli counter of the City Grocers, Olive at 9th I think. I really like the second floor dining area - I like the building also. To me it signifies the rejuvenation of downtown. I’ve been working downtown for a long time now and things have never looked better. They have good sandwiches and pretty good sushi to go, cheap. Better sushi can be had at Wasabi at 1228 Washington. As others have said, there are lots of new, good places to eat on Washington Avenue.

        The Tap Room is a heck of a walk from the Arch. The food at the Tap Room is nothing special – not bad but not all that noteworthy. There are lots of places better that are closer. I'm partial to Sen - a Thai place at Tucker and Locust. Very good food, not expensive. It's a nice walk - directly across from Christ Church Cathedral and the Cass Gilbert designed Central Library. You can walk by some really nice architecture any way you choose to go. Right down the street is Lucas Park Grill. It's good also.

        I would first recommend City Grocers or Sen, based upon a nice walk, not that expensive and good food.

        Hope this helps!

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          This all sounds great. Thank very much to all (and keep 'em coming).

        2. If your son is putting the emphasis on CHEAP, I would suggest Cafe Breve on 10th Street - it is a coffee shop with wonderful sandwiches. A long walk up Washington Avenue is Cummel's Cafe, a funky place with home-cooked food. I would also second the Eat Rite on south 7th Street; it is a Route 66 greasy spoon landmark.

          If your son is willing to pay $10 to $15 for lunch, there is a wonderful elegant restaurant called "400 Olive", on the corner of 4th Street and Olive Street. The cornbread with rock shrimp is dynamite, and the tortilla soup is the tastiest soup I have had in years.

          1. One other option would be Tanner B's, at 11th and Pine. Eclectic fare, very reasonably priced. Here's their website: