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Sep 7, 2006 08:56 PM

Bodega, Messis or Eggplant?

I've not been to any of these but I'm looking for a not too $$ but tasty dinner in a fun atmosphere for 5 people. Technically for a birthday but really looking for a good value night out with friends and hopefully move on somewhere close by for another drink or two afterwards. I've narrowed it down to these but can't decide which one to go with. Help?

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  1. definitely messis
    i think it is one of the most underrated restos in the city. in the past few months i have had 2 really great meals there (muscovy duck breast...mmmm...stands out in my mind). the food is very reasonably priced and SO IS THE WINE ( i recommend the petit syrah/zinfandel blend by bogle). on top of this, the service is great. if you want to sit on the patio reserve well in advance. i don't like to poo-poo too much but i had one of the WORST meals of my life at eggplant nevermind the disastrous service. As for Bodega, i don't recall it being anything to write home about....mind you it has been a while..i prefer cafe la gaffe

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      hmm -those seem like three really different options! I have not been to eggplant but have been to Messis and Bodega. Messis is consistently yummy- i used to live around the corner, and went often- esp if it is summer/fall and you sit on the patio. The patio is always crowded, and has a nice relaxed vibe

      Bodega, in my opinion, is good, but is a tiny bit...stuffy- not so fun. More for a romantic evening I think.

      My impression of Eggplant is that they are going for a bit more of a "fun" vibe- but that is only from checking it out from outside. (hoohaa above may have scared me away from going in!)

      Oh - and in terms of moving on for a few drinks after- I don't think either Messis or Bodega have that going for them- (but I'd rather have a good meal and a cab ride then a bad meal with drinks nearby!)
      have fun whatever you choose!

    2. I'm not a huge fan of Messis. I've been there a lot (for work), but I find the food stuck in a phyllo-wrapped time warp. The food is consistent, but not very good. Uninspired, really. I'd go next door to 93 Harbourd. Quite nice. Quite interesting.