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Sep 7, 2006 08:40 PM

fresh maine (or local) blueberries?

Does anyone know where I can get these? I know most supermarkets will have blueberries, but they are not local and not the cute little tiny ones. When I was in Maine last summer they had tiny little pints for sale at roadside stands; I'm looking for these!
A farmers market perhaps? I went to Allendale Farm last week and they did have the tiny little blues, but they were from Canada, I'm really hoping for something more local. Have I missed the season? TIA.

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  1. Russo's still had some wild blueberries for sale last Saturday, though they're not as perfect as a couple of weeks back. I picked up 2 quarts to freeze for later. Cost was $5 per quart.

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      I got some of those at Russo's last weekend as well -- good price, but as you pointed out, definitely not as beautiful as they had been a few weeks before, there were some soft ones that were on the verge of molding. The ones at Verrill seemed a little nicer, though also more expensive. They're definitely all from Canada at this point, which is still local enough for me.

      I think some local farmers still have the cultivated berries, which I actually prefer for things like muffins, where the sweet-tart *pop* is really nice. But wild are certainly way better for pies and tarts -- anything where they're cooked in a mass.

    2. 2 weeks ago Verill Farm in Concord was overflowing with quarts.

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        Verill still had them on Tuesday this week.

      2. Ward's Berry Farm still had some, but I think they might have been from Canada as well. I'd say the season for Mass-based blueberries is pretty much over, although you might still find some local raspberries...otherwise, the season moved northward into Maine and Cananda, and is definitely winding down. $5 for a box (not sure if it was a quart or pint though) struck me as a LOT. If you're just making a pie with it, there are some good frozen wild blueberries for quite a bit less.

        1. I was at Wilson Farms in Lexington last Saturday, and they had them. Tiny and sweet. Not sure if they will be there this week- but worth a try- everything else there is great, too.
          I bought a quart of the blueberries ($7.98), and made a blueberry pound cake from a recipoe I got on this site a few weeks ago. Delicious. And have been enjoying them in my yogurt for breakfast. Pricey, but good.

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          1. re: macca

            I was at Wilson's 2 days ago - yes, they still had them.

            1. re: LindaWhit

              I think I may have to make a trip this weekend for some more. Time for a blueberry pie!
              ALso got some great string beans, small eggplant and summer squash, peaches and fingerling potatoes.
              Bought some chicken thighs, too
              ( bone in, skin on). They were only $1.29 per pound- and look nice and meaty. Have not tried them yet. They also had some pork tenderloins, cut into rounds- with a strip of bacon around them. They were great- and only $2.50 per tenderloin. Made and easy dinner one night this week, with just a bit of honey mustard flavoring.
              Also- I always get their scones- so good. Love the lemon ginger and carrot.
              I find that some of their items are pricey, and some are downright cheap- but the quality would keep me going, even if all of the prices were high.

              1. re: macca

                I saw those chicken thighs, but already had the duck breasts in my cart. That's where I usually buy them when I have a craving for duck and haven't had it at a restaurant recently.

                I also picked up some of their corn (already shucked) to make chicken corn chowder last night after coming back from Brimfield. I didn't bother cooking it before cutting it off the cob - had a small handful of the raw kernels - OMG, they were SO good! Who needs cooking when they are naturally sweet and taste so "corny"!

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  Have never tried their duck breasts- but have bought a whike duck from them. As a matter of fact, I have never cooked a duck breast. Will have to try it.
                  I had some corn from there about a month ago. It was really good. Unfortunately, I have had some exstensive dental work done since that time, and I think I will miss the rest of the local corn season.

          2. Voante's farm in Nedham had the small wild blueberries last weekend.