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Sep 7, 2006 08:09 PM

Mexican recs for godson and significant other

My godsone, aged 23, and his SO, aged 24, are arriving here for two weeks. One of the reasons is to indulge their love of Mexican food. They are from Baltimore, but have traveled in Mexico.

Oaxacan I can handle,but I do not know a restaurant that has tamales on the level of Jaunito's, nor much aside from Tepeyac, Ciro's and Luz del Dia. They will travel from WeHo for a great meal. Ambiance is not an issue.

They will love you to death.


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  1. Are you willing to travel to Orange County?

    In LA, have you been to Olvera St.? El Cholo Cafe? They've got green corn tamales and blue tamales.

    1. No tamales, but BABITA is great mexican.

      1823 South San Gabriel Blvd
      San Gabriel
      (626) 288-7265

      1. Nothing is cuter for out of town guests and has a better selection of Tamales from all through out Mexico (Including Oaxaca) and Latin America than Mama's Hot Tamales in Mac Arthur Park! :)


        1. For high end Mexican, my current favorite is La Casita Mexicana (4030 East Gage Ave., in Bell, (323) 773-1898, ). Really good, interesting Mexican dishes prepared with intelligence and care. Very nice stuff, in the same league, I think, with Babita (the recommendation of which I second).

          For simpler cuisine, some of the places I like best are:

          Mi India Bonita (4731 E. Olympic Blvd., (323) 267-8505), for their absolutely amazing al bondigas, cocido, and chili verde.

          Tacos Baja Ensendada (5385 Whittier Blvd., (323) 887-1980) for the wonderful fish and shrimp tacos.

          Ana Maria's in the Grand Central Market downtown ( ) for great burritos, gorditas, etc.

          El Parain (1528 W Pico Blvd., (213) 386-7361) is my favorite for carne asada tacos and burritos.

          Tere's Mexican Grill (5870 Melrose Ave., near Vine/Rossmore, (323) 468-9345). I love their chili relleno burritos, their fideo con pollo (veggie soup with chicken), and their pozole (Saturday only, I think). Also, this place has the best tortilla chips I've ever had anywhere; I think they use homemade tortillas to make them.

          1. Why not let them pick by going to Mercado La Paloma. Chichen Itza has excellent tamales.


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              And the tacos al pastor at Taqueria Vista Hermosa are pretty damn good too.