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Sep 7, 2006 07:44 PM

Pupuserias - Houston

So Taco Cabana is advertising the heck out of their 'pupusas' and a Chron food writer took them to task for misappropriating the name of the Salvadoran national dish. It inspired me to finally get around to checking out this dish.

Sabor! - on Bellaire between Chimney Rock and Hillcroft - apparently the most upscale Salvadoran restaurant in Houston. Very disappointing. Almost no filling in the pupusa and not puffed up as I understood they are supposed to be.

Fortunately a week later I arrived at Tamales Dona Tere way out Bellaire too late for lunch and found El Cuscatleco a couple of blocks closer in, probably about the 12,100 block. Great stuff - the pupusas, meat pie (pastilla or something) and plaintain empanada. Apparently they also have a location on Bissonett around the 6000 block.

Anybody have any recommendations? There must be about 30 Salvadoran restaurants, mostly on the SW side or in Spring Branch; some look rather scary from the outside.

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  1. I tried Pupusa Loca on Longpoint a couple years ago & was fairly impressed. A good amount of filling & lots of pork flavor in the pupusa itself. The cabbage "slaw" was good as well. But pupusas didn't strike me as a destination food, if you know what I mean.

    1. I had the one at Taco Cabana which wasn't bad at all,pretty tasty.But I'm not fond of them since I don't like a thick tortilla which is I guess what a pupusa is.

      1. Just drive around southwest Houston on Bissonnet, Hillcroft or Beechnut. I have heard from several people that El Campero is one of the best, but I like El Pupusodromo best.

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          I've driven by the El Pupusodromo on Bissonet at Beechnut for years; used to go there when it was My-T-Byte, a burger place, but never stopped since its been a pupuseria - had no idea what that meant for years. I've just recently noticed El Campero. I'll check them out. Thanks.

          For mr_drift - no, not destination food, I guess, but good. I was just very impressed with El Cuscatleco and wanted to sample some more. Mine had a good amount of meat and cheese; I like the curtido.