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Sep 7, 2006 06:48 PM

Where do you recommend in San Gabriel area

I will be staying at the Hilton San Gabriel and am looking for places to eat within a 10 minute walk...preferably chinese food.
Does anyone know if the Hilton still has the seafood buffet and if it's worth trying. Thanks

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  1. Just fall out of bed and you've got a cornucopia of food choices.

    Right up the street on Valley in a strip mall is Mei Long Village, JZ, and Dragon Mark -- all are good for Shanghai, XLB and dumplings.

    Across the street on Valley, is the Focus Plaza, which has all sorts of choices, such as Sam Woo and even Ranch 99 market for some ready-to-eat items to take back to your room.

    Then, of course, there's Norm's down the street ...

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      haha, norms!

      also, further east (<2miles) there is 888 seafood for great dim sum and seafood dinners. across from 888 is yung ho tou jiang for taiwanese breakfast/lunch foods.

      1. re: wilafur

        Could a person walk to 888 from the Hilton within 10 minutes?

        If you could, then you're quite a walker wilafur!

        1. re: ipsedixit

          sure, if you run :D gotta work off the food somehow right?

    2. Don't forget the closest shopping area to the hotel itself. The plaza connected to the hotel probably has eight or nine eateries though none of the size or distinction of the other shopping centers. As for the Hilton's seafood buffet, I think it's down to Saturday night only, and if you don't mind blowing 40 bucks or so, it is indeed worth trying once.

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        Within the plaza connected to the hotel, Gogi on the 1st floor is a nice choice. It's buffet, cook-at-your-table style, so you kind of have to been in that mood of doing a little work. That said, I think the food is pretty good, with good service and instead of the soft-serve ice cream machine that never quite works, you can make your own shaved ice dessert, which is a nice change. Lunch if obviously cheaper than dinner, but I think this is a solid option. Hope you enjoy.

        1. re: kotatsu

          I think Gogi is gone. There seems to be a Koreau tofu/bbq in its stead. Gogi was pretty good, but I thought it was kind of pricey compared to other choices in the area.

      2. Wander all the way up to Main St. (Las Tunas) in Alhambra for outstanding Middle Eastern food at Wahib's. The real deal, done with sincerity. You'll see a large number of Middle Easterners dining there and take a look at the specials, they harken back to menus you'd find in Beirut or East Jerusalem. I won't miss the chance to go there whenever I'm in the area. And it's great with a crowd. Prices are very reasonable.

        1. I second Mei Long Village. There's also a smaller place called J&J right next door. However, the best Shanghainese food (a little steeper as well) is either Green Village in Focus or at the plaza across from the Mei Long Village plaza. Too bad it's not colder because I'd recommend Little Sheep on the third floor of Hilton for chinese hot pot. The best, but beware the soup is filled with chinese herbs so you must like that sort of thing. Lamb's good.

          1. If you are in the mood for vegetarian, Happy Family is about a mile way down Valley Bl. Very good Chinese vegetarian food.