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Sep 7, 2006 06:36 PM

Seeking Coke Blak: Toronto, downtown

I would like to try Coke Blak, and I am having a helluva time finding it. (You know, it's really sad that I'd have an easier time finding drugs, as no one this week has approached me randomly on the street and said "Hey, you lookin' for Coke Blak?".)

Has anyone seen it downtown? I assume it's now available in Canada, and Toronto, as there was a brief writeup in either eye or NOW last week.


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  1. Try the Super Fresh Mart on Church just south of Wellesley. They usually seem to have hard to find beverages. For example, they always stocked Red Bull, even during the time it was difficult to find over much of the city.

    1. I just saw it this afternoon in the Shopper's Drug Mart on Queen St East and Lee in the Beaches. So I'd guess that you could check any other Shopper's.

      1. I saw it in a Mac's milk at Eg & Mt. P. Try one down town. It shouldn't be that hard to find.


        1. They have it at Pusateri's. I tried a bottle. Yeeecchhhh. I assume Coke focus grouped and taste tested this stuff with hundreds of thousands of people and spent tens of millions of dollars on the product launch. I'll be fascinated if this is successful - and horrified. Perhaps the masses don't have any taste buds after all.

          This is supposed to be an "adult" "coffee" beverage and it contains "coffee extract". It contains the artificial sweeteners aspartame and ace-K (not Splenda, the only artificial sweetener that tastes good). I don't know why it contains these artificial sweeteners, since it not a "diet" drink and it also contains sugar.

          Simply stated, there is no discernable taste of coffee in this drink. Indeed, the only flavours I could make out were the taste of the artificial sweeteners with a slight preservative undertone. I didn't taste "cola" either. I would never drink (much less buy) this product again. The original (French) version supposedly has more flavour than the North American versions, but a friend who tried it there wasn't impressed either. The US and Canadian versions are different from each other and both are different from the French. Whatever flavour it did have I was fortunately able to wash away with a bottle of "Manhattan Special".

          Pusateri's had Manhattan Special in the same cooler as Blak. This is a lightly carbonated espresso flavoured drink that I remember from my NY childhood and which has apparently been around for over 100 years. I've always found this drink too sweet for my taste but, after trying the Blak, Manhattan Special tasted like coffee Nirvana.

          1. They have it in PharmaPlus in First Canadian Place.