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Sep 7, 2006 06:32 PM

Fish and chips

So, I have this british friend who is a vegetarian, but has a big craving for some good fish and chips. Needless to say, the fish and chips had better be good seeing as how he is stepping out of his vegi diet and he is from the land of fish and chips. Help!

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  1. Duke of Perth has excellent fish and chips IMO. Nice and crispy, not oily. Plus they serve them with peas which I like. They have a special on Fridays

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      It seems like Duke of Perth is a top runner in the fish & chips contest, but I have to report that my visit there last week for the AYCE Friday was a disappointment. Our first plates of fish and chips were very oily. I requested a second platter and it too was oily, too oily to eat. The oil must have not been kept at the right temperature. I hope it was just a blip, but will reserve my 2-star rating till I've been there a second time. I'd like to see what others have to say now that it's 2012.

    2. I thought O'Briens (on Wells) had pretty good fish and chips, but I don't know how a Brit would feel about being told that an Irish Pub was the place to go...

      1. I used to think that Shaw's Blue Crab Lounge had the best fish & chips I'd ever had, but on a recent visit there, they were disappointing. So that leaves (in my experience), the Great Street's fish and chips, which I believe they only have at lunchtime. This is the restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Renniasance Hotel on west Wacker. The fish is perfectly fried and very crispy. The chips are crispy french fries. It's all served with malt vinegar. Yum!

        1. I'm a big fan of the fish & chips at Irish Oak on Clark near Wrigley.

          1. They're pretty good at John Barleycorn, too.