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Sep 7, 2006 06:28 PM

Red Wine Recs

I am going to a steakhouse with my boyfriend on Saturday and would appreciate some advice on wine. It is a pretty fancy restaurant, and I've heard that they mark up their wine quite a lot. I am hoping to spend around $75, and cabernet suggestions would be great. They have a massive wine list so any recommendations would probably be helpful. Thanks!!!

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  1. You may want to provide the name and city of the restaurant. Perhaps, there are those who have been there and may be able to provide more specific suggestions.

    1. If they've got any Cotes de Bourg or Chinon in that price range, those are usually good values.

      1. If the restaurant has a Web site, especially one with the wine list displayed, it would be simple for folk to go down the list and make recs. This would be best, if you have some idea, as to the fare that you will likely be ordering.


        1. Okay I went through the wine list and here are some cabernets and pinot noirs in my price range. I'd prefer to keep it under 90 bucks, but I included them anyway in case something was especially worth the extra money. Thank you so much for your help!

          Beringer, Knights Valley, 2001- $55
          Cafaro, Napa 2001- $65
          Chappellet, Napa 2003- $90
          Chateau Ste Michelle, Canoe Ridge- $52
          Ehlers Estate, Napa 2002- $65
          Ferrari Carano, Alexander Valley- $62
          Flora Springs, Napa 2002- $65
          Heitz Cellars, Napa 2001- $95
          Hess Collection, Mt Veeder 2002- $78
          Honig, Napa 2003- $65
          Hunnicut, Napa 2002- $72
          Joseph Phelps, Napa 2003- $95
          Kamen Estate, Sonoma 2002- $58
          LAdera, Napa 2003- $92
          Larkmead Vineyards, Napa 2001- $95
          Mt Veeder Winery, 2003- $90
          Obisdian, Lake County 2003- $68
          Pine Ridge, Rutherford 2003- $82
          Mondavi, Napa 2003- $58
          Mondavi, Oakville 2002- $98
          Roth, Alexander Valley 2002- $80
          Sequioa Grove, Rutherford 2002- $68
          Shadow Canyon, York Mtn 2002- $80
          Silverado, Napa 2002- $88
          Steltzner, Stags Leap 2003- $65
          Stonestreet, Alexander Valley 2003- $60
          Stuhmuller, Alexander V 2002- $78
          Terra Valentine, Spring Mtn 2002- $70
          Tin Barn Vineyards, Chiles Vally 2002- $75
          Topanga Vineyards, Blake and White 2001- $62
          Veraison, Stagecoach Vineyard 2002- $98
          Waterstone Winery, Napa 2003- $50
          Warrle Creek, Estate 2001- $90
          Whitehall Lane, Napa 2002- $82

          Pinot Noir
          Alma Rose, Santa Rita hills 2004- $65
          Ancien, Carneros 2004- $78
          Belle Glos, Sonoma 2004- $65
          Cristom, Louise Vineyard 2003- $95
          Cristom, Mt Jefferson 2004- $70
          Domaine Carneros, Napa 2004- $60
          Foley Estate, Santa Rita Hills 2004- $62
          Kendall Jackson, Secco Highlands, Arroyo Seco 2003 $78
          Kent Rasmessen, Carneros 2001- $65
          Lost Canyon, Dutton Ranch 2004- $92
          Melville, Santa Rita Hills 2004- $68
          Morgan, 12 Clones 2004- $62
          Paul Hobbs, Crossbard 2004- $82
          Roessler Cellars, Bluejay 2004- $64
          Rutz Cellars, Maison Grand Cry 2003- $62
          Shea Wine Cellars, Homer, 2004- $88
          Siduri, Pisoni Vineyard 2004- $95
          Solena Cellars, Grand Cuvee- $55
          Truchard, Carneros/Napa 2002- $62
          Walter Hansell, Russian River Valley 2002- $62

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          1. re: bluesteel

            The Paul Hobbs pinot is outstanding, small production, great winemaker.

            As far as cabs, Phine Ridge is very nice. The Steltzner is outstanding and a seldom seen wine on lists. Dick Stelzner is an outstanding winemaker. Also a great winery to visit if you're ever in the valley, great caves. Hess Collection and Larkmeade are also excellent.

          2. the siduri pisoni vineyard and the melville are both good if you like big, cali-style pinots. as far as cab goes--01 Heitz (make them decant it as soon as you get there) or the 02 stuhmuller.