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Sep 7, 2006 06:09 PM

Polk Street restaurants: faves?

Hello Chowhound,

I am looking for a good recommendation for a small party dinner on Polk Street somewhere around California Street? The group will be about 10 or so. Suggestions? Something off the radar is always nice.

thanks in advance!


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  1. I love Chai Yo--tasty Thai! You might want to call ahead for a table of ten, though. It's not exactly great atmosphere, but it's well-priced and very yummy. Try the drunken noodle or Panang beef; avoid the spring rolls. It's at Polk right below Bush, I believe.

    1. If you want good and cheap, though no liquor license, Darbar is really good for Pakistani/Indian food. It's also a nicer place with better service than the place across the street. There are lots of reviews of it on this forum.

      1. Does Darbar deliver? I've been dying for a good Pakistani/Indian delivery place.