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Sep 7, 2006 06:09 PM

A bar/restaurant with a down-to-earth vibe for a wrap party


Need recs on a bar/restaurant/space in the greater Hollywood area for a wrap party.

We want - something Chicago-ey. A place where people can lock in and drink beer. No trendy bars needed: We want darts, pool, beer.
(Something like Tin Horn Flats - but bigger.)


A space that can be converted into such a party. For 250 people.


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  1. Big Wangs might fit the bill though I am not sure what their capacity is.

    1. They have the beer, the Hollywood History, the darts, nice outdoor patio, but pool tables? (rentable for the party?). From their web home page:

      "We are available for location rentals and fabulous wrap, press, and private parties. For Catering Info please call between the hours of 12 noon – 7pm and ask to speak to the manager on duty."

      The Cat & Fiddle
      6530 Sunset Blvd.
      L.A. (Almost in Hollywood)
      (323) 468-3800

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        I second Cat & Fiddle. Indoor, outdoor, pool and darts with great selection of beers. Go.

      2. How about Hollywood Billiards - it's close to the 101.

        1. Sorry, but Cat & Fiddle is a big yawn -- everyone in the biz has been there in they're 20's and there's nothing "special" about it.

          What about Edendale Grill in Silverlake? Yeah, the foods so-so (but it's a wrap party so it'll do) but the atmosphere is the best -- very old time Hollywood as Silverlake is where they shot so many of the silent movies and the restaurant is similiary themed.

          There's also Cliff's Edge in Silverlake which has a fantastic patio --

          Also redid HOME for a more casual vibe -- also has a nice patio, more casual than CE.

          My husband had his bachelor party at H Billiards and said the food was surprisingly good --

          I encourage you to do something unique, I've been to many disappointing wrap-parties and I'm sure your crew deserves something different and fun --

          1. Thanks, all. C & F (and the Pig & Whistle) have already been shut down...because we've all been to C & F a billion times. Christ, I can't count the # of birthdays I've been to on that patio...