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Sep 7, 2006 05:55 PM

Tequila Infusions? (ISO cheap white tequila)

Has anyone tried infusing a tequila? I know people do this all the time with vodka.

I ask because one of my favorite drinks is a cazuela. There are different takes on it, but it's citrus (lime, lemon, grapefruit) mashed with some sugar (or agave nectar), tequila, and club soda (or grapefruit soda).

It's incredibly delicious, but I want to kick it up to the next level with grapefruit flavored liquor. I know I could infuse vodka, but it wouldn't be the same.

And before I embark on this, what's the least expensive white tequila that's drinkable? I don't want to buy anything even as expensive as Herradura, but I do want 100% agave.

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  1. I loooove cazuelas. I've infused tequila with habanero (for an awesome oyster shooter or a bloody maria).

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    1. re: Maya

      Genius! How many habaneros per bottle, how long did they infuse for, and what color tequila did you use?

      I have a lot of bottles of blanco stashed away, so it'd be a great thing to do with them.

      1. re: Pei

        We actually used repo but I am sure blanco would be good too. We didn't put the habanero right into the bottle, we actually used a smaller bottle and only used one habanero (stem and seeds removed). We infused it for a week I believe, but then we had to cut it with non-infused tequila of the same type. You kind of have to just taste it every so often and get it right. Not a bad job!

    2. One that I saw recently while looking for interesting things to put in alcohol is this one that Bradley Ogden did for his Lark Creek Inn. Peel and cut a pineapple into 1-inch chunks, and place the chunks in a large glass container. Cut the top and tail from a serrano chile, slice it in half lengthwise, de-seed it, and put the de-seeded chile halves in with the pineapple. Put a sprig of tarragon in with the pineapple and chili. Pour in one 750-mL bottle of reposado tequila. Let it rest for 48 to 60 hours. As soon as the first 48 hours have passed, taste it frequently; as soon as you get a hint that the chile might be taking over the rest of the ingredients (the chile will take over the infusion in a hurry if you aren't careful!), strain out the pineapple, tarragon, and chile through a double layer of cheesecloth. Don't serve it too warm; neat from the freezer is ideal. Sip or shoot as desired.

      1. Sauza blanco is perfect for a couple steps up from cuervo but not nearly as expensive as herradura. I infused tequila w/ habanero once but cutting a habanero pepper in half and putting half a pepper in a bottle of tequila blanco. 24 hours later I tasted it and it was already super hot! I was afraid to leave the habanero in any longer and took it out, but it made great margaritas. Probably you could leave it in longer if you put a pepper in whole. I also went to a bar a few times that made a drink with lavender infused tequila that was terrific.

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          Sauza Blanco isn't 100% agave. But it is a good mixer. My favorite Blanco is 1800 select silver. It has a good agave taste, it's pretty damn smooth for 100 proof and it is cheaper then the top shelf tequila's.

          Honestly, I like it with a lemon twist. But you could try infusing it with a number of different fruits and I bet it would turn out great.

          1. re: theginguy

            Sauza Hornitos blanco is. decent and cheap.
            Cazadores blanco ois also good and inexpensive

            I have tried the 1800 line and find it terrible. way too harsh.

        2. I'm going to have to try one of these cazuelas; never heard of that drink before.

          I've made jalapeno/habanero-infused tequila a couple times with great results. I put in a few whole peppers - piercing the skin - and let them sit a few days. It can definitely get spicy in a hurry, so taste to make sure it won't be too hot. I used Sauza Hornitos Reposado (mainly just because it's what I had around and the price was right).

          This strawberry infusion, Tequila por Mi Amante, sounds pretty delicious:

          1. I like El Mayor. It's 26.00 a bottle here. ( Des Moines )