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Sep 7, 2006 05:54 PM

Birthday Cake $15-$20?

So my office always does an employee birthday party at the end of the month for all of that months' birthdays, but my co-worker's mother called me and wants me to buy a cake for him to present to him as he leaves work on Tuesday.

I work in NoHo, so I need to find a place that's close. She wants to spend about $15-$20.

Any suggestions on where to get one? I'm open to any kind...just a small roundish cake.

I'm semi-new to the NoHo area so not sure of where to get one. It can be, but doesn't have to be a specialty store. A supermarket would work too.

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  1. You can easily get a small cake for that price at your friendly neighborhood Pavilions or Ralphs. They're both fine. Order ahead or pick from what's available. Our office gets a lot of birthday cakes from these supermarkets. And fyi, the supplier of the cake mix and frosting for these supermarkets also supplies Bristol Farms for their cakes.

    1. Porto's Bakery in Burbank may be able to help you there. They're on Magnolia and Hollywood Way.

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        Porto's is delicious, but I think his mom wants a traditional round yellow/chocolate cake with writing on it.

        I'll check it out though.

        1. re: cincodemayo1

          In that case, you might enquire at Viktor Benes in any Gelsons... they do do "normal" cake with writing; not sure about the cost, though I don't think it's extreme.

      2. When our office finally decided springing for Sweet Lady Jane's wasn't practical, we started getting our cakes at Costco. They are surprsingly good! And a full sheet cake is like $17 bucks (if memory serves.) It's very moist, the icing is not overly sweet, and it's not that horrible weird hard stuff that's on a lot of grocery store cakes. You also have your choice of fillings. They'll decorate it for you with only a little notice.

        1. I second the Costco route. You'll have plenty left because they are huge and very fresh. I like Costco more than the grocery store cakes.

          1. I third Costco - surprisingly good for the price, and even good regardless of price.