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Sep 7, 2006 05:30 PM

girls' night out, good ambiance

six of us are going out this weekend for dinner and drinks. a couple people are vegetarian (but eat seafood), and we all like to try new things. any suggestions for fun places with great food and vibe, not too expensive? i like julie's cuban on dovercourt but we want to try somewhere new...

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  1. I've had a lot of fun at The Sparrow (92 Ossington) - tasty food with several veggie options, if I remember correctly. The atmosphere is cool too, and prices are not too high.

    Once you're finished there, Crooked Star (202 Ossington) and Communist's Daughter (on Dundas at Ossington) are a couple of cool places for drinks, just up the street.

    Another option is Magpie (831 Dundas West), which is "hip," has very tasty food and is also a bar. Here's an Eye review from a while ago:

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      I've tried (and liked) all of them except Magpie. That looks great, but some of us were hoping to go dancing after. Are there any cute dance spots close by? Thanks for the suggestions!

      1. re: highlyunlikely

        Unfortunately, no. I don't think there are any dance bars nearby.

    2. Hair of the Dog (Church, N of Carlton) for dinner and drinks, then head into the village to continue the party.

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        I like Hair of the Dog too, but I know that some of my single girlfriends won't want to spend Saturday night in the village ;)

      2. I would suggest going around King West @ Jarvis... Kultura ( is great and brand new and will be great people watching during the film fest as I hear they have some star connections, then there is Eggplant accross the street... two doors down and you can relax at Bettys... or over Laide ( at Adelaide for their $25 three course dinner.. or even Foundation Room on Front.

        or since they are all so close have a nibble and a drink in all!

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          1. forgive my ignorance, but is Kultura the new restaurant without a sign at King and Jarvis? (how very new york)

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            1. re: alltummy

              Couldnt that be L'Atelier? The new restaurant / private club David Adjey opened... basically it's a restaurant where nobody can get in.

              1. re: Frenchie

                David Adjey does not own, cook or is a member of this club. Just ask L'Atelier. He did some stuff for Film fest - that's it

                1. re: torontoscene

                  Well, according to the Chef Database, he had been acting as a consulting chef for the place since its opening. Maybe I'm wrong...