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Sep 7, 2006 05:26 PM

Do you prefer cuisine type food or the traditional rustic type of cooking?

I tend to lean toward the more traditional type of cooking and eating, although I'm not totally opposed to "New" fare. Especially when it comes to latino foods, nothng beats a basic simple recipe using traditional ingredients...garlic, onions, peppers, cilantro, etc. in a stew or soup. Some newer cooking sometimes adds ingredients to traditionial recipes that totally venture far off from what a dish was supposed to be. If new cuisine is the name, then I would prefer original dishes rather than changing a tried and true favorite. Maybe I'm just old fashioned.

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  1. My favorite meals are stews and braises. I'm not much into fancy restaurants and delicate ingredients. I love hearty dishes with complex flavors. :)


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      Me too. Stews, braises, noodle soups, sauces that can be soaked up with rice or bread...delicate food is fun once in awhile for a treat, but if I had to give up one or the other I'd choose hearty food for life.

      I agree that new takes on old favorites should be re-named. I might like the fancy mac n' cheese, but I would be less thrown off it it were presented as "five cheese gratin." When I order mac n' cheese, I just want cheddar and cream!

        1. re: prunefeet

          Me too! I love to make (and eat) roasts, braises, almost anything slow cooked in heavy pots, especially marrow bones! I love the smell that a day of rustic cooking gives your kitchen.

    2. I'm much more into rustic fare than nouvelle cuisine... nouvelle cuisine strikes me as more art than food.

      1. all it's various names and guises, I tend to prefer simpler foods, prepared well.

        1. I agree with all posts. I sometimes find it hard to find an authentic recipe for a dish that doesn't include some off-the-wall ingredients.

          1. I appreciate high-end cuisine, but I usually have to think about it. High-end cuisine is usually intellectual. Rustic cuisine has soul.

            Repeating what I said elsewhere, rustic cuisine is primal. It is like Marlon Brando shouting "Stella" in "Street Car Named Desire" It appeals to my deepest, inner cravings for deliciousness.

            This year I've eaten at a lot ... A LOT ... of the mom and pops of all cultures near my house and it has been more satisfying than most of the prim and proper, restrained upscale restaurants in the past.

            I enjoy food from the wrong side of the tracks ... culinary slumming. It is more exciting, interesting and tasty.

            I can't think of a better donut that I've had than the long coil of churro, pulled hot from the fat, crisp on the outside, creamy and light within. Purchased from the probably illegal churro guy who had temprorary sanctuary in front of the church after mass. It was drama and deliciousness.

            Out of all the food mentioned so far on the Chowtour, I almost want to hop a plane and buy one of those $1 whole crabs cooked by kids at a 'tarp-covered, roadside" crab shack. I've bookmarked that info.


            I grew up in a poor, blue-color city that had some of the most delicious food. I think, rustic food has to be delicious because when you are parting with hard-earned dollars, you won't waste bucks on anything that doesn't rock your tastebuds.