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Uchi in Austin -- Amazing Service

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A group of nine of us celebrated a family BD at Uchi this past Sunday evening. Two seniors, four adults, a teen and two kids, and the group included two nonlovers of sushi. Being one of the latter, I have limited experience to compare much of the food, though it elicited raves from my Dad, who compared it favorably with the best he's had in San Diego. I did enjoy the tempura shrimp (huge) and tempura long-beans (part of the pre-6:30 specials -- four dishes in different categories), among other dishes.

What impressed me the most was the outstanding service from our server, Miranda, and the rest of the staff. We arrived at the 5:30 opening, not wanting to wait or be separated, and had a long table in the rear corner. They were willing to seat the first half of our party, and Miranda described the early specials, from which we ordered a few for the table. Once everyone arrived, we were served at a very appropriate pace, and Miranda kept perfect track of the orders being served and those being requested from multiple angles of our long table. Special requests -- a more simple tuna roll, one order of the hotrock beef to be served to a son and others to be shared -- were accomplished smoothly. When Miranda was handling one thing, other servers efficiently delivered dishes and whisked away empty plates. And all of this with a smile, helpful descriptions of items and suggestions, and a calm efficiency with no hasty running around. I'm from L.A., and this was top notch!

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your experience there. I went for the first time last night with my girlfriend and another couple, and we blown away at how great the food and the service were. Our waiter was knowledgable and helpful with the different sake options. Like you mentioned, even amongst the hustle and bustle of the Saturday night crowd, we were well taken care of by the whole team of waiters that work together.