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Sep 7, 2006 05:21 PM

Shake Shack Revisited

Returned today to Shake Shack for lunch. Haven't been since the DOH brouhaha.

Well here's the short story - it was once again a transcendent burger experience. I had the Shack buger with a side of fries - no other condiments or embellishments. The burger was perfect - charred on top with cheese melted just right and with the center in the medium rare to medium vicinity. Extremely tasty meat and perfectly juicy.

A perfect day, a perfect burger, a beautiful park.

God I love New York.

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    1. How long was the wait? This week's Time Out NY reports that in a poll, 70% of respondants won't go back to the Shack after the D.O.H. violations. But maybe everyone's lying so that the lines will be shorter ;-)

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      1. re: JennS

        I got there at 11:45 AM - maybe 15 people in line ahead of me - it took about 15-20 minutes tops for my name to be called.

        1. re: JennS

          Went last night around 9pm. From getting in line to getting food and sitting down was about half an hour.

          Left around 10pm, and the line was down to the edge of the sand.

          1. re: kathryn

            This thread sent me off to Shake Shack at about 6.30 last night. It took about 20 minutes from when I arrived to get my food. Since I wasn't sure I'd be returning soon, I went a bit overboard. A chicago hotdog, fries, a concrete and of course, the Shack Burger. Wonderful!

          2. re: JennS

            Two points:

            1. many of the health code violations were due to a lack of restrooms/handwashing facilities. we already knew that! (though I would welcome a Whole Foods-style handwashing sink there)

            2. The lines are still as long as before. I have a feeling that most people who don't care about the DOH didn't bother to vote in the TONY poll--hence the skew.

          3. what is the DOH brouhaha? as a hounder who's always had great experiences at the shake shack i'm quite curious. their shroom burger is scrumptious for a meat alternative. cheese fries are very good. burgers are fabulous. a great addition to the flatiron area. now if the lines weren't so long, it'd be perfect. although the webcam does help you plan your prime dining time.

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            1. re: wallywalnuts

              SS got in hot water for several violations - word is Danny Meyer went ballistic and instituted major changes. You can see his public response here from August 18th . . .

              1. re: Mickey Blue

                It's not so much the DOH's attention on Shake Shack, but the media's interest in every move of the place. The more popular a place is, the more media coverage it'll get. And if a popular dive takes a misstep, it creates a juicy story. Did anyone pay much mind to the Colombian place with 600+ violations?

            2. I love Shake Shack and always will. To show my support I went the day of the "DOH scandal." As usual, the burger was delicious and the park was gorgeous.

              1. Although I would not consider the shake shack burger transcendant by any means, I will back off my stance that the place tastes exactly like Wendys. I had a shake stack the last time I went and for the first time in 4 attempts had something that I thought was better tasting than the fast food joints, I still wouldn't say it's as good as In and Out but it was better than fast food chain burgers this time around.