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Sep 7, 2006 05:19 PM

Chowhound's First time in New Orleans - Need Recommendations

If you could name your top three - Cheap Eats and Overall Eats - in New Orleans what would they be?


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  1. are my current, post-Katrina top three. I restricted my choices to very cheap and then price-is-no-object. This is a very subjective list, I could easily name others if you asked me tomorrow.
    cheap eats: Casamentos (opens on Sept 12), Parkway Bakery, Pho Tau Bay (westbank)
    high-end eats--Restaurant August, Bayona, Galatoire's

    1. cheap eats: Mona's, Port of call, Snug Harbor

      Cost is no object: Cuvee, Lilette, Upperline

      and all of the above

      1. Cheap: Casamento's, Coop's, Crabby Jack's

        high end: Stella!, K-Paul's, Clancy's

        And the above 2 posts have excellent picks as well.

        1. cheap: so hard to pick just three, although jgrey and hungry celeste have already nailed mine. I would also add Central Grocery and Liuzza's (on Bienville) to their lists.

          overall: Dick & Jenny's, Cochon, Upperline. My tastes sort of stray away from the super stuffy high end places.

          1. Cheap: Crabby Jacks or Domilises, Mothers, Central Grocery.

            Overall: Dick and Jenny's, Brigstens, Upperline.

            I disagree with Casamentos and Pho Tau Buy