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Sep 7, 2006 05:03 PM

Road trip recommendations

Will be travelling from Toronto in a few weeks.
First stop will be Frankenmuth, then on to Tony's in Birch Run (I decided I must go there after reading about it on here) From there, on to Toledo Oh, then to Cleveland, then Erie, then Buffalo before crossing the border for home.

I do plan to sample some of the chicken dinners in Frankenmuth, but other than Fat Fish Blue in Cleveland (went there years ago and loved it) I'm looking for places to stop and eat along the way.

Hopefully the recommendations will be reasonably priced, other than that we have no real restrictions, we are both mid 30's and prefer a more casual setting.

Hope I've given enough info.

Thanks in advance for any tips

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  1. well there is TONY PACKOS hungarian in toledo, an ohio chow institution. you might want some great lakes fish like perch and walleye? there are several places in central ohio's vacationland area in and around port clinton/marblehead like the JOLLY ROGER. ditto PICKLE BILLS in grand river east of cleveland. cleveland maybe try shaker square this time. SARAVA brazilian and FIRE are great there as is BALATON hungarian. FIRE usues a tandoor oven for most of its food. don't forget to stop in the westside market too for provisions if its an open market day when you are there. buffalo ya gotta do buffalo wings at the ANCHOR BAR. you sure wont go hungry -- have a great trip!

    1. Thats quite a list, thank you very much

      1. Just thought I would add a couple of second opinions. Like any subject on this board, each restaurant has its fans and critics. You will find lots of controversy on whether or not Frank and Theresa's is worth a stop in Buffalo. Personally I've never been there because I have heard more of the negative comments. For wings I prefer Elmo's, a location suggested by a poster on this board some time ago. The wings are a good size and they have a real variety of flavours, including my fave - BBQ.

        If your going to stop in Grand River for Perch, I suggest the place across the street from Pickle Bill's - Brennan's. I think you'll find more of the locals there and it has a more genuine waterfront feel to it. Their perch is only lightly breaded and always fine tasting. If you're not too hungry and are looking for a lunch stop you can get the perch sandwich. Also try their New England style clam chowder, its quite good. The only thing I would caution you on here is make sure you don't order it after the noon hour rush since if you get the bottom of the pot, you sometimes get something that's kind of thin and no clams. They seem to make just enough for the day, which from a freshness standpoint is a good thing.

        If you're looking for a nice schenic place to stop, try Ferrante's Winery and Ristorante, just off Rt. 90 about 50 miles east of Cleveland. It's located on Rt. 307 which runs south of 90 and parallel to it between state routes 528 and 534. I beleive this is around mile marker 218. You will see the large sign for the winery on the right, just follow the directions, its only a few minutes out of your way. Although I wouldn't recommend highly many of the Ohio wines this place has a good rep. for food and is one of the better local wineries. The restuarant is open from noon Wed. - Sat. and 1 PM on Sunday.


        1. as for Buffalo wings, I've been to the anchor bar, but I prefer Buzzy's, it's in Niagara Falls NY near the outlet mall

          1. First, in Buffalo, this is a terrific restaurant guide, if a bit primative by today's standards:


            Second, Frank and Theresa's Anchor Bar is not a restaurant but a shrine -- a grungy shrine -- because it's where chicken wings were invented. I was last there in the spring, and yes, I wish the place were cleaner and not so worn out, but the wings really were excellent, big and meaty and crispy and saucey (don't talk to me unless you're ordering hot wings; criticism of mild or medium wings doesn't register because no one should eat them that way). Even people in Buffalo will tell you they're not the best in town -- try Duff's or La Nova's grilled wings -- but they're still pretty damn good, and you can say you ate them where it all got started. If you get there in the evening when the place is full, all the better. Just don't tell anyone you're a Leafs fan.

            Otherwise, Buffalo has lots of great pizza, lots of great Italian, and many excellent Greek diners (I like Kosta's for souvlaki sandwiches and home fries). Check that restaurant guide for recommendations. Also, if you're in Buffalo on a Friday, the Friday fish fry is a ritual in that town -- usually a large fried (breaded or battered) piece of haddock, with fries, cole slaw and macaroni salad on the side. Many bars serve terrific fish fries for about $8. Ask around who's got a good one.