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Best Bread Pudding in the Bay Area

I'm searching for the best bread pudding in the Bay Area. Any recommendations?

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  1. www.crownpub.com/map.html 331 Hartz Avenue, Danville, California, 94526 Phone (925) 855-2185

    1. The chocolate bread pudding at Frescati is outstanding.

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        I agree. It's white and dark chocolate bread pudding with ice cream and probably my favorite dessert in the world. It certainly is the best smelling dessert in my opinion.

      2. I had an amazing mixed berry bread pudding at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville.

        1. I had a wonderful orange bread pudding at Cesar some months back, but I haven't seen it since.

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            I love that one at Cesar, and I see it on their menu all the time.

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              Had bread pudding at Cesar Piedmont last month. Yum, although their cookies were better. I'm not sure the cookies are on the standard menu.

          2. The bread pudding at Tartine in the Mission district is very popular.

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              I didn't like Tartine's version the one time I had it, but that might be because it was cold.

              Tartine in SF and Gregoire in Berkeley are two places that rotate through many different versions of it, which is a plus.

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                Mmm, when I had the bread pudding at Tartine, it was a steaming hot bowl of goodness!

            2. It's been two years...but the BP at Pesce was great. I'm also partial to Tartine's but it is overly sweet.

              1. I vote for the daily bread pudding at Delessio on Market Street, next to Flax. They make it from their day old croissants and it's stupendous. During summer months it's made with rotating fruits, and in winter tends to be chocolate. Deadly delicious!

                1. Yes, it's a chain, but the best bread pudding I've ever had by far was at Palomino's.

                  1. anyone else a fan of the bread pudding at nordstrom's cafe?

                    a friend introduced me to it earlier this year, and although i wasn't wow'd off my feet i find my self craving for it.

                    1. The chocolate bread pudding at Mezze in Oakland is quite good..

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                        donbonus....you beat me to it. I was in Oakland last week and went to Mezze. The bread pudding was some of the best I have ever tasted and the duck entree I had was AMAZING.

                      2. I second the bread pudding at Tartine, provided you like the fruits that they use in it that particular day. The serving size used to be huge, but they finally decided to offer two different serving sizes. I find that the small size is plenty for me.

                        I also second the bread pudding with orange-caramel sauce at Cesar, it's my favorite dessert there. I recall always seeing it on the menu, but I haven't been in a while.

                        1. Not traditional bread pudding, but One Market has INCREDIBLE chocolate brioche bread pudding. Pure nirvana. Wish I had the recipe.

                          1. The bread pudding at Street is amazing. Everyone I have told to try it has been absolutely blown away.

                            1. I like the bread pudding at Gregoire in Berkeley (and Oakland, I guess) because it doesn't taste like bread pudding. More like a little mini cake.

                              1. The bread pudding at Vanessa's Bistro on Solano Ave. is excellent.

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                                  second this opinion...just wish they'd give me more.

                                2. bread puddin from downtown bakery at Ferry Plaza Sat. marche is one of their best deals.

                                  1. I am eating bread pudding from Tartine as I write this....it's pretty good, but I don't like bread pudding too much so I'm a bad judge. But my coworker brought some to work today, so I couldn't refuse :) It has apples in it, which I like.

                                    My coworker also recommends Curbside Cafe for their bread pudding....on California and Fillmore in SF. He says it is the "best thing you've ever tasted in your life" and says it has cinnamon and raisins and a cinnamon dressing and it's served piping hot. I might have to try it....in the meantime, Tartine will do.

                                    Dave MP

                                    1. Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding at One Market defies description. Just incredible!

                                      1. DeLessio deli in San Francisco (Market & Valencia) has the best (croissant brioche)bread pudding that I have had. www.delessiomarket.com

                                        1. The Sourdough Bread Pudding at Looney's BBQ in Berkeley is pretty dang tasty and you certainly plenty of it.

                                          1. My favorite is the one at Gregoire's, the little take away joint in Berkeley and on Piedmont avenue in Oakland. Every month they change the flavour, and every month it is a HIT! I love it!

                                            2109 Cedar St, Berkeley, CA 94709

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                                              This month is: Strawberry bread pudding, chocolate cream.
                                              Of course the original poster still has to be interested 20 months later.

                                            2. Tartine's is super edible. That can be a rare quality in a bread pudding. I also love that they lean towards moist, & creamy with the fresh fruit, rather then that syrupy sticky brick with a pudding that couldn't penetrate the bread.

                                              Rosita Bakery is a Mexican bakery in the way out part of Mission almost at Daly City used to sell really good bread pudding. They pull off the syrupy brick style,in a noodle kugel sort of way, and it can be really addictive. Rosita does certain things well, so it's worth experimenting there rather then just judge them off one or two cookies, then figuring everything's going to taste the same the way you might with other Mexican Bakeries. I'm not sure if they're known for their bread pudding, but their bread itself has a following.

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                                                Rosita's Bakery, LLC
                                                5488 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112

                                              2. rnm at Haight & Steiner, and my second choice is Cesar.

                                                1. If you're down in the South Bay, Sugar Butter Flour makes regular bread pudding and a chocolate version too. Not too heavy, not too sweet, yummy with coffee! They have two locations, one in Sunnyvale, one in Campbell. They may not always have it available, you can call ahead.

                                                  1. Downtown Bakery & Creamery on the square in Healdsburg. Great ice cream too.