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BLT Fish--Thoughts?

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Am thinking of taking my fiance to BLT Fish for his 30th, any thoughts?

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  1. upstairs or downstairs?

    Downstairs - no
    Upstairs - yes

    1. i made a reservation on opentable....think it's for upstairs but it didn't ask for a choice.

      1. If you made a reservation on Opentable - it's for upstairs. The downstairs doesn't take reservations.

        1. BLT Fish--downstairs--is one of the most mediocre, lackluster restaurants around. It is not a place that I would want to go back to even if someone were to treat me there.

          1. Ageed. There are about 50 fish shacks along the east cost that I would rather eat at than BLT Fish's downstairs.
            That being said, I have not tried the upstairs and have fond memories of LT cooking fish at the now defunct Cello on the UES.

            1. I think upstairs is quite pricey and only good/very good.

              My favorite items are the raw-bar and the freebies they give away.


              1. We have had several good (not great) experiences at the upstairs BLT, and we share the opinions that the shack is "just OK"

                BLT Fish is a bit expensive. Whole fish is priced by the pound, then cooked to your liking.

                We had a recent experience which will result in not returning.
                Had a large piece of stem on the bottom of a tomato salad, and we were told "the chef leaves it there to hold the tomato together." We responded that if the chef is so "proud" of the stem, she/he should serve it stem up.

                Very rude and condescending.

                There are many better dining experiences.

                1. Went recently with a vendor (seated upstairs), so I never did get to see the bill. The service was odd - we ordered the small ($75) raw platter and were going to spend some more time perusing the menu and drinking a bottle of wine we'd already ordered and were somewhat rudely informed that 'the chef requires the dinner order be placed with the appetizers.' Harumph.

                  The seafood spread served when you sit down was bland, never identified and tasted like something you might buy at a super market. And it was impossible to eat with the odd wooden fork. But I must say that the biscuits were lovely.

                  The seafood platter was good, but unlike most higher-end seafood restaurants, the oysters origin on the plate was never revealed (the waiter didn't know), and the clams had something of an off taste. Stellar shrimp, and very good stone crab, however.

                  For dinner the three of us split one American Sea Bass with a lobster glaze, which turned out to be a somewhat thick stock that wasn't quite as flavorful as we'd hoped. The winning dish was a whole Red Snapper done Asian-style, flash fried and covered with a sweet-ish soy glaze with scallions. Yummy that was.

                  Sides were not all that - hen of the woods mushrooms seemed steamed with nothing but air, parmesan gnocchi were overwhelmed by less than flavorful cheese (not high quality parm by amy means), broccoli rabe was ok, but all were outdone by some very cute baby bok choy with little crisp slices of garlic on each bulb of green.

                  Wines seemed decent - we shared a couple of bottles of a nice Spanish Albarino that went with the fish theme.

                  Would I go back? Probably not - seen this done better other places, including back at home in Atlanta.

                  1. I had lunch downstairs and had the lobster roll and it was very good, pricey, but good. The waitress was very nice to me. The french fries were fabulous and the atmosphere casual. It was for lunch though.

                    If you are looking for fish and seafood, you could check out the Blue water frill in the downstairs room where there's jazz. I liked it very much. The fish and the seafood are really fresh. I loved my dinner there.