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Sep 7, 2006 04:17 PM

BLT Fish--Thoughts?

Am thinking of taking my fiance to BLT Fish for his 30th, any thoughts?

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  1. upstairs or downstairs?

    Downstairs - no
    Upstairs - yes

    1. i made a reservation on opentable....think it's for upstairs but it didn't ask for a choice.

      1. If you made a reservation on Opentable - it's for upstairs. The downstairs doesn't take reservations.

        1. BLT Fish--downstairs--is one of the most mediocre, lackluster restaurants around. It is not a place that I would want to go back to even if someone were to treat me there.

          1. Ageed. There are about 50 fish shacks along the east cost that I would rather eat at than BLT Fish's downstairs.
            That being said, I have not tried the upstairs and have fond memories of LT cooking fish at the now defunct Cello on the UES.