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Sep 7, 2006 04:05 PM

Take out lunch in Wheaton

I'm going to be in Wheaton (University/Viers Mill) tomorrow during lunchtime on an errand, is there anything not-to-be-missed to pick up for lunch that I can bring back to the office?

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  1. Of course. The best Thai in the area: I have had both the watercress special (not on the menu, but there is always a sign posted) and the boneless duck as carryout at Ruan Thai. Make sure you ask in advance for Thai hot.

    Or go to Max's, next to the Shalom Market, and visit their sensational felafel bar. Either way, bliss.

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    1. re: Steve

      Second the Max's selection -- the guy who makes the falafel there is a wizard. You might also try Lucia's for a variety of decent Italian subs, which is, I believe one strip mall down on University.

    2. I would also pick Ruan Thai (and they truly do listen to you if you ask for it "Thai hot"), but if Thai isn't what you are craving, I will also suggest El Pollo Rico for one of the best Peruvian style pollo a la brassa chickens around.