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Sep 7, 2006 04:02 PM

redwood city - suggestions for dinner

Hi. Can you help? I'm staying at Redwood City (Sofitel Hotel) and am looking for some places nearby for dinner - I don't have a car so it needs to be within an (affordable) taxi ride.


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  1. (Pav Bhaji, Tandoori Veggies & Tandoori Chicken Pizza) (Redwood City, CA 94063 (650) 365-6543 (Same stuff is cheaper at Lunch) 2399 Broadway St (@ Winslow) Redwood City, CA 94063 (650) 368-5500 Tarboosh 837 Jefferson St. Redwood City, CA 94062 650-474-2667

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      My brother and I tried New Kapadokia for dinner on Thursday night. We liked the ezme very much and the cold zucchini/eggplant/green onion appetizer too. Okay lentil soup or a very good tomato and cucumber salad comes with the choice of entree.

      Both of us were impressed by the tiny manti, little four-cornered dumplings filled with a smidgen of coarse-ground lamb. A bit doughy, we liked the chewiness. William noticed that they were all different sizes and commented, "wow, someone made each of those by hand."

      I wasn't as taken by the beyti kebab. It reminded me too much of pigs in a blanket and had a warmed over taste.

      Image of manti and beyti kebab -

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        New Kapadokia Restaurant
        2399 Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA 94063

    2. In the Sofitel you are actually in Redwood Shores. So Foster City is closer than Redwood City actually. If you like authentic Chinese, go to Joy on Beach Park Blvd. in Foster City. Just over the canal from you:. I think there is also a Malaysian restaurant I haven't been to near you. It is in the mall near the Pacific Athletic club.

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        The Malaysian restaurant there is called Mango Bay. It's ok. Langkawi in San Mateo just off of Hillsdale is better.

      2. I think there's a bus or a shuttle bus that makes the short hop from Redwood Shores to the San Carlos Caltrain station on El Camino Real. From there you're one block from San Carlos' main drag, Laurel Street. There's a decent thin-crust pizza almost across the street from the train station. Also several Italian places of varying degrees dressiness, a Thai restaurant, a couple of Japanese sushi bars--none of which I've tried. Among the places I do like are Laurel Street Cafe for crepes, soup and salad, and the Mediterranean bistro two doors down, which makes its own potato chips! (Tell them if you don't want your chips doused in vinegar.)

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          Laurel Street Cafe is closed for vacation. Unfortunately, nothing nearby really wows the palate, if you are more specific about the type of food, you may get more response?

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            Sorry - affordable, preferably asian - thai, vietnamese. Seafood would also be great. Thanks.

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              In that case, Sirayvah may fit the bill. It bills itself as "organic Thai", and you'll find several favorable threads on the board, if you search.

              It's not your typical Thai restaurant--it's kind of westernized, but not in a bad way. The setting is very comfortable and serene, and the ingredients are first-rate. The noodle dishes are probably the most authentically Thai, and are very good. The khao pad poo (like a pad thai with crabmeat) is one of my favorites, as is the prawn and scallop dish cooked with garlic and pepper.

              Sirayvah, 366 El Camino Real, (650) 6371500.

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                Thai Time on El Camino, San Carlos is okay. I do like the Snappy Snapper and the Thai Pancakes for dessert. Call me crazy but I crave PEI mussels and butternut squash ravioli (appetizers) as dinner at Pasta Pomodoro (local chain) in Redwood City, corner of El Camino and Whipple. Everything else is okay. We regularly go to Sai's on Laurel/Cherry San Carlos for the beef pho 'cause it's the only one nearby. Quality varies, I like the claypot caramel catfish, but they don't give very much for the price. Ganko on Cherry btwn El and Laurel is good for sushi. Very tiny place but very fresh sushi. If you really want Chinese, Joy Palace (Cantonese)in San Mateo. Everything else is the area is not so good.

          2. Less than 2 miles from Sofitel , there is Mistral which is decent but does get noisy and food takes a while to arrive with crowd

            Further south near the woodside exit, there is an Italian Restaurant Arrivederci and a steak house in a pretty pleasant setting by the bay
            You can use a 2-for-1 coupon from

            On the west side in San Carlos, there is my fav
            thai restaurant Siamese Kitchen :) on Laurel and then there is San Remo Pizzeria on San Carlos avenue.

            1. While I haven't been there recently, China Village on Ralston in Belmont is just up the street (technically) from the Sofitel. Marine Parkway turns into Ralston when it goes over the freeway...