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Sep 7, 2006 04:01 PM

Urgent - Need Queens restaurant for 75 people this Saturday

Help! I am in from out of town. We've had a death in the family and need a reasonbably priced restaurant with room for 75 people for a post-funeral reception in the afternoon in Queens. Any ideas? Yes, it is a strange request, but any help you can provide would be appreciated!


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    1. what do you consider to be reasonably priced - this differs from person to person.

      1. Cavalier Restaurant, 85-19 37th Ave in Jackson Heights has a private room that will easily accomodate 75 (718 458 7474). American food.

        1. I'm not sure what area of Queens you're looking for and I'm not sure in such short notice you'd get a room to accomodate 75, but I have been to a few parties in the back room at Connolly's Corner on Grand Avenue in Maspeth. The food is good-standouts are the sheperd's pie and curry chicken. Good shrimp and pasta dish as well. This was the buffet menu, which I'm guessing perhaps would work for you. As I was a guest at a christening, I can't say how much the plates were.

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            i was going to host an event there and priced the buffet. i think it was around $17.95 or $18.95 per person...and then additional if you wanted beer, wine and soda...or an open bar.
            there is also the "grand stand" across the street, around the same price, woodhaven house on woodhaven blvd, a little more expensive. those could be some options.