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Sep 7, 2006 02:20 PM

Latin Suggestions??

Hey guys , I am currently trapped in Miami til the end of the year but am already looking forward to getting back to NYC am looking for some great places in NYC for ceviche ,looking for a good fritanga anywhere in the 5 boros,and random other great latin food -ropa vieja ,tres leche,marisco etc etc etc Thanks in advance -T will travel for good food -

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  1. You should definitely post this to the Outer Borough board. Here's just one sample of what you'll find. Of course that's Cuban, and you'll probably want to concentrate on other areas of Latin America that are less well represented in Miami. Queens has got them. Manhattan offers Puerto Rican and Dominican food... not that different from Cuban, and also uses sofrito. There are many good places way uptown in Wash Heights... but I dont know them. My favorite downtown Dominican is Castillo de Jagua, 113 Rivington. Oh, and of course if Douglas Rodriguez is cooking anywhare, that's the place to go for high end nuevo latino.

    1. You should definately check out Don Pedro on 96th and 2nd. This is one of our favorite restaurants full stop. Its not traditional Latin, but they use a lot of traditional ingredients in new and inventive ways. Every single appetizer, entree and dessert has been absolutely delicious, the only thing I would skip is the bread basket, its the only disappointing thing. Their sangria is great, and you simply must have the coconut tres leches for dessert! Best of all, everything is fairly priced for Manhattan. I totally recommend to anyone!