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Sep 7, 2006 02:07 PM

Good seafood restaurant in Center City.

I'm originally from Philly, but have not been back too often in many years. The restaurant scene has changed incredibly -for the better!!I need a really good seafood restaurant in Center City. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Never been there but people here seem to like Estia.

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    1. Estia is good. I'd pass on going there for lunch though...the selection's much more limited and the fish not quite as fresh at lunch. At dinner, though it's by far the best fish in the area, very fresh tasting, albeit at a steep price.

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      1. People always seem to like Sansom Street Oyster House -- been there forever it seems.

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        1. Dmitri's. It is a great seafood standby.

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          1. Dmitri's is good too but can get very crowded (either location). It's not as fancy as Estia and Dmitri's does not take reservations.

            Based upon my last meal at Samson St., I would characterize the fish as being below average. Thye do have a great selection of raw oysters though.

            Philadelphia Fish and Co. was very good our last visit a few months ago and they too have a decent oyster selection. Fancier than Dmitri's but less so than Estia.

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              I've heard the Fish company is good!
              Do you know anyone who's liked Striped Bass?

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                Striped Bass is great - the room is incredible. It's a special occasion place for me though - a little heavy on the wallet! Try the skate w/braised short ribs....pretty special!

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                  Yes, Dmitris does get crowded and the wait can sometimes be ridiculous. The space is small -- but it is also crowded because it is consistently GREAT and CHEAP. I was there last weekend, my DH and I shared an app of octopus, he had lamb and I had grilled scallops. The bill was $45 -- hard to beat.

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                    Heard that Dimitri's is closing (or at least selling the building). Anyone know anything about this?