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Sep 7, 2006 02:00 PM

Cadbury's Crunchie Blast in Hartford, CT area?

recent 'aero' thread had no real hartford area info, and i think this bar is a bit too 'specialty' for the stop and shop international aisle. even if you haven't seen it, tips on where to find good uk selection would be excellent.

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  1. If you're looking for UK sweets, try Shaw's supermarkets. The two that I frequent (Enfield and Vernon) have an international aisle that offers Aero bars, Violet Crumble (one of my all-time favorites) and the like. If you're looking in the Hartford area, there's one on Kane St. in West Hartford, and on Kitts Lane in Newington, though I'm not familiar with the selections in those stores.

    1. Did you try the internet? If you want to order in bulk, this may be the way to go. Try or

      1. Shaws has a good enough selection of Brit stuff though a tad expensive. There are plenty of online stores that sell Brit chocolate but be prepared to pay a high mark up. If you get to canada, there is often a good selection of cadbury stuff there. Failing that, find a friend in the UK who will send it over? My family sends stuff...thankfully!

        1. If you get to NYC, Economy Candy on the LES has tons of European/British candy bars. If you can't get there....try their site:

          1. I think I may have seen Cadbury Crunchie Blast at my local British store -- British Delights in Westford, MA..

            Yes, it isn't in CT, but at least it's within fairly easy driving distance.

            Right up 495, take exit 31 towards Littleton common, go through the first set of lights (that come up nearly immediately after the ramp), take a left at the next set of lights (advertising Nashoba Valley Ski Area).
            Pass the ski area, and the first strip mall you see (a church called Song), and it's in the next strip mall -- you'll see a british flag hanging out front.

            Looks very non-descript, and they do tend to have their blinds closed most of the time for some reason, but they are open general business hours, and I believe I've seen em open on Saturday - not sure about Sunday.

            They seem to do most of their business via the web (