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Sep 7, 2006 01:58 PM

Henckel versus Wusthof knives

My MIL wanted new knives, so I scrambled and got her a Wusthof set from Macy's about 1 hour before she arrived to celebrate her birthday. Of course, she said that she had all of those knives, and I encouraged her to exchange them.

She reported back last night that Macy's didn't have what she wanted - open stock Henckels - but when I was there (fleetingly) they seemed to have ample open stock knives. I suspect that they only carry Wusthof, which I have always considered to be on par with Henckels. Would you agree?

(Though discussion of higher-end knives may ensue, this would be irrelevant to her - she doesn't really cook.)

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  1. Such a personal thing. I happen to find the Wusthof Grand Prix line is best for my hand. Not the one with the ergonomic handle, the older one. I have an old Henckels, but practically never use it any more. Just prefer using the Wusthof.

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      And I'm the opposite - have always preferred Henckels. I've always thought of the two brands as being in the same quality bracket.

    2. Freak her out with some Globals. My much-loved MIL was a longtime Henckels user but loved the feel and look of the Globals. She found the rounded handles quite comfortable and liked the Globals' balance.

      1. I have some of both. I use the Henckels slightly more, they seem to be better balanced for a left-hander, but both brands cut well, and that's really what matters, eh!

        1. I purchased my open stock Henkels knives from Macys, so I think they do carry them...

          1. I've got both and have to say the steel is virtually identical if not exactly so. the only difference is the feel, i like my wustoff better as it feels a little better in my hand but quality wise they are identical

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              nothingman i completely agree.. are the heel of the handles any different? maybe that is what is something the MIL is considering.