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Sep 7, 2006 01:53 PM

Any new, fun ideas for fresh homemade pesto?

Hi all,
Got a big bunch of basil from my Dad and made a lovely batch of homemade pesto and am looking for some ideas for a dinner on Sat.

My fav thing lately has been to butterfly/split a whole chicken and stuff pesto under the skin and grill- so good! It is supposed to be rainy here in chicagoland over the weekend, though!

Any new, fun ideas? Maybe with seafood? I am leaning toward shrimp/pesto/pasta, but that seems so boring.


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  1. PamelaD if you love cheesecake, trying swirling a fresh batch of pesto in the batter for a savory cheese hor'd.

    Love pesto as an alternative to garlic bread spread.

    Grilled over a tomatoe sandwich.

    Had my first pesto soup recently where equal parts of pesto & chicken stock were simmered and served over pasta.

    last one...pesto and eggs-outstanding combination w/scramble or omelettes.

    Good eats,

    1. There's a really great recipe on Epicurious (from Sept. 1996 Gourmet) for a Fig, Pesto and Marscapone torte. I've linked it below. It's a great use for fresh figs and fresh pesto -- really delicious and different.

      1. Sounds strange, but poached salmon with pesto spooned on top is a great combo.

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          Absolutely. I actually roast my salmon, but pesto goes UNBELIEVABLY well with it -- just a spoonful.

        2. Try other green leafy-ies besides basil- Spinich Pesto is yummy, as is arugula..

          1. •pesto on a grilled steak
            •boiled potatoes, blanched greenbeans and olives tossed with pesto
            •pizza with pesto, ricotta, lemon zest and thinly sliced zucchini
            •tomato or minestrone soup with pesto
            •pesto added to mashed potatoes
            •popovers with pesto
            •pesto butter
            •ratatouille with pesto
            •tomato-based shrimp stew with pesto mayonnaise or pesto rouille
            •pesto beaten into the eggs for an omelet with roasted vegetables
            ...pretty much anything is good with pesto if the pesto is good!