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Sep 7, 2006 01:46 PM

Do You Fondue?

We've been to the Melting Pot to celebrate a few birthdays and altho the service (plan on at least 2 hours) and menu are very consistent and the wine selection impressive (if not down right budget breaking) MP at some point begins to resemble fancy finger food for grownups.

How about the real deal..any establishments out there that offer a fabulous fondue as PART of the lineup?

Good eats!

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  1. None that I can recall that offer it as permanent item on their menu. Occasionally you will see it as a dessert (chocolate fondue). The Reef Club in Long Branch had a nice one on their menu. The only other place I recall seeing something "like" a fondue on the menu is is at Java Moon Cafe (called the Moondip - not traditional fondue as it has spinach in it - but quite good). Good luck on your quest.

    1. As of last year, Pheasants Landing Restaurant in Hillsborough had 3 or 4 Fondue’s on the menu. I recall a cheese, meat, seafood, and possibly a chocolate.

      1. There's a casual French restaurant called Le Bonne Soup that features fondue on their menu on West 55th street in NYC. It's very good.

          1. Artisinal in Manhattan has cheese and chocolate fondues. Park Ave. around 30th St.