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Sep 7, 2006 01:39 PM

Mole--Ever made without peanuts?

I love mole, but have recently developed an allergy to peanuts. Every mexican restaurant I've gone to has told me that their mole is made with peanuts. Will I ever find mole that doesn't have peanuts in it?

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  1. There are literally thousands upon thousands of mole recipes. If you travel throughout Mexico, it's hard to find any two that are alike. Although peanuts are a common thickening agent, of COURSE there are recipes without them. Are you allergic to almonds? If not, use them instead. They're also a common mole ingredient in certain regions of Mexico.

    1. Have you only tried Mole Poblano, the dark one with a trace of chocolate? There are a number of other moles, red ones, green ones, pipian, etc. As a class, a mole is a nut or seed thickened sauce. Since peanuts are the lease expensive nut, it is likely to be part of almost any mole. This would be especially true if the restaurant starts with a commercial mole base.

      My guess is that a pipian, a pumkin seed based mole, is least likely to have peanuts, though the usual 'may contain traces' warning would apply.


      1. You could get perhasp one of the Diana Kennedy books or one by Rick Bayliss that may have one made with pumpkin seeds.You can buy them already shelled and hopefully unsalted and make your own.

        1. Mole poblano recipes often include several kinds of nuts. You could substitute almonds and/or pumpkin seeds for peanuts and the results would be fine.

          1. unfortunately i'm also allergic to almonds! thanks for the pumpkin tip though!