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Sep 7, 2006 01:24 PM


My husband and I will be in town for a conference next week (staying near the Kimmel Center). We only have 3 dinners and I've got WAY TOO MANY restaurants picked out. Please help me narrow the field:

El Vez
Nodding Head
White Dog Cafe
Caffe Casta Diva

For snacks/desserts, I think we're covered with Reading Terminal Market, Bonte Waffles, Naked Chocolate Cafe, Capogiro, Isgro...

If it matters in your suggestions: 1) we don't mind walking, 2) I'm a vegetarian, my husband is happy w/veg, chicken, fish.

Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. Since you're a vegetarian, definitely Horizons. You can't walk to L'Angolo (deep in South Philly) but it's good and you could take a cab. Alternately, you could go to Caffe Casta Diva and walk there. Also very good and also byob. I would skip White Dog Cafe and Nodding Head due to your limited time. Definitely hit Amada. Tria would be nice for drinks and cheese plates.

    1. OK, I can help a little.

      If you're from LA (LAWoman) then take off El Vez -- you already have amazing Mexican food in LA.

      L'Angolo and Caffe Casta Diva are both good BYO Italian. If you have reservations for L'Angolo I would keep that one, but Caffe Casta Diva is in CC, L'Angolo is a cab ride to S. Philly.

      Personally I was disappointed by the food at Farmacia, but the drinks were good.

      Nodding Head... Beer is just OK, food is just OK.

      That still leaves you to choose among the rest, all good to excellent.

        1. Hmmm...You sure these are the only options? Here's my take (only commenting where I've tried):

          El Vez-Cool decor, food's only average or slightly above...From LA you could do better in Philly.

          Amada-Above average food, cool vibe. The best of your list.

          White Dog Cafe-Bland food, cramped environment. Used to be better many moons ago I hear.

          Farmicia-Awful food. A great place for people who want to look hip and make a statement. But I can find better ways to support local farmers than to eat here. Oh, and the service is lousy too.

          I have heard very good things about Horizons though!

          1. L'Angolo: I've never been, heard it's good.

            El Vez: Not bad, but Lolita (across the street and 3 doors down) is great, and also Mexican-inspired. My sister and her husband live in LA and they both loved Lolita. Capogiro is right across the street for dessert.

            Amada: Overpriced, but good. A bit too trendy.

            Horizons: Awesome. If you're vegetarian, don't miss it. If you eat meat, don't miss it. Of all the places on your list, this is the one you should make sure to go to.

            Nodding Head: Slightly above-average food and beer. Definitely not worth it, especially if you're limited to 3 dinners. Avoid.

            White Dog Cafe: Used to be great a couple years ago, two head chefs have been and gone since then though. Just OK now. Avoid.

            Caffe Casta Diva: No idea.

            Farmicia: Not good, and they pour wine like it's the most valuable substance on the planet, which is to say they're stingy with it. Avoid!

            Tria: Also very good. They have many many great small plates and cheese selections, you could actually go to Tria for a drink and a snack and then go somewhere else for dinner.