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Sep 7, 2006 12:50 PM

Himalayan Bistro, West Roxbury

We ended up going to the Himalayan Bistro in West Roxbury last night, and it turned out to be an excellent choice; in fact, it may have been even better than my two favorite Indian restaurants: Punjabi Dhaba in Cambridge and Classic India in Quincy. The several dishes we had last night were all excellent:

mulligatawny soup
aloo palak (spinach with potatoes--an amazing dish here)
chicken tikka masala (the cream tomato sauce was the richest, and best, I've had)
saag poneer (spinach, cottage cheese, ginger, onions)
samosas (potato turnovers--excellent comfort food!)
veggie pakoras (vegetable fritters)
cheese pakors (slightly bland for my taste, but very good)
aloo tiki (spiced potato patties--also great comfort food)

The atmosphere at the restaurant is a bit Spartan, with hardwood floors, a few paintings on the walls, and lots of space between tables. It was pretty quiet, but they were doing a great takeout business while we were there.

This is one amazing place. If you like Indian food, definitely check it out. They also have a number of Nepali dishes that I'd like to try next time, but it'll be tough to get past the Indian entrees they have!

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  1. We ate here recently. The food was excellent, actually better than I was expecting! We only ordered items from the Indian menu. The Nepali stuff looks good - we attempted to order a spinach dish, but apparently they're not serving it right now due to recent problems with fresh spinach. I thought it would be typical unexceptional Indian fare but everything was delicious.

    Our first clue that we were in for a yummy meal came with the papadums and chutney. The chutneys, although standard, were unusually tasty and well balanced. The onion chutney was so good we ate a whole pot of it!

    My GF ordered saag paneer (made with frozen spin, so ok apparently), which was dark, rich and earthy tasting. I was inspired by the chutney experience and decided to order a masala dosa. Although the dosa was not the fullest I've ever had, it was long and crispy. The coconut chutney it came with was super yummy, and the sambar (little cup of lentil soup), which I often feel is kind of a lesser accompaniment to my dosai, was so good I would happily eat a bowl of it on its own.

    Ambiance was pleasant, and staff was very attentive (although clearly bored - not so many people there on a Wed nite). Best of all, our basic dinner for two was only 22 bux! (entrees, rice, naan - no appetizers or drinks)

    All in all, very enjoyable and tasty. I'm glad to discover this place, and we'll definitely be back to try the Momos and other Nepalese treats. I'm also glad to know we don't need go to Cambridge for quality Indian food.

    1. Is this place on Mass Av (heading towards Cambridge from Arlington)? I had lunch at a Himalayan Fusion restaurant today. The interior is small, but very polished, lots of shiny hardwood and exquisite taste in everything. It was a lunch buffet and about $8 (my dad paid so I didn't notice), and everything was gorgeously prepared, just visually stunning, with the perfect balance of spices and flavors. I don't tolerate spicy food well, so for me, it was too spicy, but even so, I could appreciate the quality of the cooking. Even the three sauces (the mint, tomato, and tamarind, that trio of green, henna, and coffee) was just beautiful and somehow seemed fresh. In addition to your choice or plain or garlic naan, you're offered at regular intervals small dosas---just the bread, to eat with your meal. They're delicious. You finish your meal with this amazing dessert soup---they call it "Katmandu soup" and it's vermicelli (says the label---but there's also small tapioca balls) simmered in milk. It has just a hint of chopped nuts and the milk has the strangest savor. It's unearthly.

      Anyway I liked the place a lot, but I have no idea if I was in West Roxbury or not.

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        Sounds like you dined at Kathmandu Spice, the only other Nepali restaurant in the area. I'll have to try it soon - I miss my momma's cookin'.

      2. 2 DCs and I had dinner at Himalayan Bistro on Saturday night. We loved it! Our one Nepali dish was the vegetable momos, which were fantastic. They look like ordinary potstickers, but they taste different and the sauce was completely different and delicious. I could have eaten about 50 of them. We shared 3 dishes for entrees: Fish Vindaloo, Malai Kofta, and Shahi Bhindi Bhuna. We liked them all...the Malai Kofta was an especially big hit, with a delicious sauce. We ordered the spice just a hair above medium and it was perfect. We also had a 'plain bread basket', which came with plain naan, garlic naan, and one poori. All very good. We were too full for dessert. The service was nothing special, but it was nice that they didn't rush us...we were there for two hours without any hassle...and they were great about refilling water glasses! We will definitely be going back. Yum.

        1. We love this place.. believe it or not it used to be an ice cream shop... they did a great job renovating it. I love it b/c the food is great w/ decent prices and I can walk there. IT's also helpful b/c I am a vegetarian and the hubby is not - it makes us both happy... love the samaosa's and garlic naan:)