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Sep 7, 2006 10:47 AM

One (maybe two) meals in Athens

I am meeting my parents in Athens for like a day and a half. I've never been to Athens before. If you were only going to eat one or two meals in athens, where would they be?

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  1. Can you be a bit more specific - cheap or expensive, what type of cuisine? It is hard to make recommendations without some knowledge of what you fancy.

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      Sorry bout that. The problem is that I really don't mind about the price at all, and I am as happy at a fancy "nuovo" greek place as I am at a really simple homemade place, as long as the food is good. I am staying near the Plaka if that makes any difference. I would love to find that great local place serving real greek food (that all tourists dream of but rarely find when they travel) but if there is some really fancy place serving really great upscale local cuisine, I'd love that too. I should add that I am there on a weekend, so would be looking also for somewhere for sunday lunch. I know in Rome thats a pretty tricky propostion as most places close on sunday, but don't know about athens. If anyplaces come to mind I'd really appreciate.

    2. Hey,

      Just got back from a 3 week vacation in Greece visiting my family there.

      For the last decade or so, everytime my family goes to Greece, we ALWAYS go to Taverna tu Psiri which is in the psiri neighborhood close to the acropolis/monesteraki.

      I went there about 2 weeks ago at 1am, and their food was real homecooked Greek food. We had the best zuikinni keftethes I have ever had. Also had hot peppers with sausage, something I have not experinced elsewhere. Also had amazing eggplants cooked Greek style.

      Ignore the menu that is there and just ask your server what's fresh from the oven.

      Here's a link:

      their phone # is 210 32.14.923 and address is 12 aischylou (note: the ch does not make a ch sound but rather a heee sound


      P.S. Don't be intimidated by the gritty niehgborhood that is slowly gentrifiyng.

      1. For a cheap but great place, try O Thannassis. This is a classic not to be missed souvlaki joint. Always packed, even after midnight.

        A nice place I can confidently recommend is Milos. It is new to Greece, the original is in Montreal. I went there, and finally I found exceptional Greek food in Canada (I live in Toronto). They opened another one in NYC to great reviews. I am sure you will not be disappointed. My final recommendation is Kioupia. The original one is in Rhodes. I was quite impressed. Very good food, more than I could eat, fixed very reasonably priced. Truly a gem. I have not been to the one in Athens, but I don't think you will go wrong.

        I am leaving for Greece next week, and on my hit list will be Aristera Dexia (Left Right), and Kitrino Podilato (Yellow Bicycle). I have read great reviews and want to go. I also want to try Spondi (they received a Michelin star a little while ago, but I don't know much else about them). Of course I will not miss Thannassis at every opportunity.

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          Can you give me some idea of where O thannassis is? might be good for sunday lunch? as I am having trouble finding someplace that is actually open.
          Thanks. (am trying spondi for dinner to see yow it is.)

          1. re: KMERC

            I found it from another website, so I cannot guarantee it - Address: Mitropoleos 69, Directions: Metro Monastiraki, at the bottom of Athinas. It is in the Monastiraki area.

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              Just ask and they will point you to where it is. EVERYONE knows where it is.

              Also, the place across the street (or should I say walking alley) is good too. Try them both.

              Still wish you would go to taverna tuo Psiri as I said above. It's really something special.

              1. re: young_chower

                I'm pretty sure I will, especially if turns out they are open sunday. Have you heard anything about Kollias?

          2. For a fabulous but unfortunately very expensive meal (because fish is so expensive) go to Dourambeis in Piraeus. I believe they are open for lunch of Sunday. You pick the fish you want and they weigh it (charge by the kil0) and grill it for you. They have wonderful salad as well as great loukoumades (fried dough with walnuts and honey) for dessert. This place has been in Athens for at least 30 years and we have seen many local well knowns there over the years-e/g/ the Archbishop eats there on Sundays.
            There is a very nice, pretty restaurant in Plaka called Daphne's. It is upscale but not overly expensive and has many traditional greek dishes. Very very nice. Also they take credit cards, unlike many of the restaurants in Athens that require cash.
            Also, the oldest taverna in Plaka, where you can sit outdoors or indoors, with very traditional greek food and music is Xinou. You really can't get more traditional than that.I believe it is cash only.
            For a wonderful continental meal with the most fabulous view of the Acropolis eat on the roof at the Grand Bretagne. Probably the best restaurant in Athens and the view is breathtaking.

            1. Well you can't have a meal there, but if you are in Athens and want some loukomathes (described above) you MUST go to Krinos, which has been around for at least 70 years. They are located by the meat market in Athens. Here's the address: 87 Aeolou str., Athens , tel. 210-3216852 Naturally you should get the loukomathes.